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  1. lol yeah I kind of figured that, I was hoping it would be multi coloured, but oh well. I always end up with the obscure models of gadgets
  2. Just to confirm this program doesn't work on the w35xst model laptops. The LED must be only one colour, and any special effects this program can do on the light doesn't work either. Hotkey does work to shut down the backlight when needed.
  3. Would love to know if this would work on the w355st model laptop.
  4. I know it's a common issue most people have with these laptops, that the speakers are terrible. I am about to gut my old laptop for parts, and am wondering if it's actually possible to replace the speakers on it? I found a service manual for the w350st but it only gets up to the point of removing the keyboard, how would I access the speakers on this to see if my old ones will fit?
  5. Have you seen the first two seasons yet? If not I HIGHLY recommend you do before you start season 3.
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