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  1. Going to order one of these today, can't say I've ever been excited about getting a cooling pad before, but this one seems pretty legit!
  2. I'm using PreyProject as well, and it seems to be a pretty decent program. I've never had to test it (never had anyone try to steal my laptop) but just having it reassures me.
  3. Can anyone recommend a cooling pad under 50$ for a gamer using the Y580?
  4. I'm sorry for the stupid question, but for those who are completely Hardware Illiterate, what exactly does increasing voltage do?
  5. After living with terrible network connections, I've finally wised up and found out that it's indeed my network card that's causing the problem. I have the stock card that came with the model, and after a thorough in-depth 5 minute research into it, I've found out that it's quite possibly the worst card to ever exist. So my question to these wise forums is, what's a good, cost-effective replacement for the Y580? I'm planning on unlocking my BIOS when I reach my 5 posts here, because the warranty has long since expired anyways.
  6. I was pleased to see Joffrey go honestly, I think the Series was deserving of a high point after the craziness of the red wedding. If anything though, I wanna see what happens to Arya and the Khaleesi. If these two actually survive, I think they're gonna be the baddest badasses this series has seen. I mean seriously, Arya is a Bravossi trained badass with a personal invitation to the badass guild of face-changing assassins.
  7. I'm sure I'm gonna be the odd one out here, but I real HUGE fan of anything Indie, Alternative, and Folk. Currently I'm listening to Punch Brothers, Greg Laswell, Silversun Pickups, Arctic Monkeys, and Young The Giant mostly.
  8. Just watched Thor 2. Disappointed a little by it because they took focus away from the title character, but it still was a pretty good movie.
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