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  1. At any point in all the issues you (sadly) encountered, were you able to get the internal LCD working with the eGPU in either OSX/Windows?
  2. @goalque & @Nando8, @Call and @entzoe (due with your vast knowledge) I've been a lurker now for quite some time. Due to the fact I probably have the worst rMBP (Late 2012, 15" 650M) model, I've pretty much read and concluded that eGPUs are not in favor (in terms of using internal LCD, which is all I'm actually interested in). However, another thing I'm only interested in is using OSX for gaming (I play a lack many games) and enjoy using OSX doing so, just wish/want a more powerful card. That being said, is it possible to use this same setup for a Late 2012 15" rMBP w/ 650M with internal LCD (gsxstatusswitcher/optimus/etc)? I'd rather NOT deal with windows seeing I already have to do that for a living already... Man what I wouldn't do just to have a OSX eGPU w/ internal display. Might as well start curing cancer... ::sigh::
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