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  1. Try calling dell, I had the same issues with my 780m and they immediately came and fix it without any questions asked and also upgraded my warranty to 3 Years after I said that if it is a lemon out of the box I want a compensation so they increased the warranty period.

    For me its 4930mx cpu not gpu

  2. Go to Dell Support website, enter your service tag and download the most recent BIOS revision (A10 as of now) and flash your machine man. It's a well-known BIOS problem.

    I tried but gives me-

    "Failed to retrieve system BIOS information, BCPSYS block signature was not found. Error code:-100"

  3. Same thing, tried repasting and had some temporary success, but after a while it just started heating up again, to the point that the laptop will become too hot to rest on my leg. Any advice?

    Also for the moment still have locked A12 bios, anyway the solution can get around that?

    I believe its a common problem with 4930mx. I saw many posts on this. My AW17 manufacturer told me to replace with 4910mq CPU which uses less power also change CPU heatsink to triple pipe, but I can't find such a thing.

    For me the overheating is only when I render graphics in Maya 3d. No problem while gaming in ultra settings.

    Do not keep laptop on legs or bed. You should better keep it on a flat wooden table with something to elevate laptop's back or use a cooling pad. And do not block the vents at bottom and back.

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