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  1. I installed the a10 modded bios with no problems at all. And performance is excellent. Many thanks to svl7.. i think you guys/girls must be doing something wrong. and the reason why it wont overclock as much as some are saying is because the default clock is already 950 instead of the default 750. Hope this clears a few things.. Anyway many thanks and keep up the excellent work
  2. Any chance of modding a10 bios unlocked gpu mod.. pleeeeeeeeaaasseeee
  3. No I couldn't recover at all. I followed the procedure and tried the recovery method but it seemed to be doing something and was beeping as it was supposed to but after it restarted it continued to beep and then after a second reboot it was completely dead. The bios I used was flashing over a09 with default a03. I was just unlucky but that's life.
  4. correct, svl7 has been very helpful and I took a risk but shit happens and it didn't work :-)
  5. well i had lunch and wasn't hungry and tried the recovery procedure ant it beeped and seemed like it was doing something and then hey hoe my laptop did not power up again .. yipppeeee!!!! lol
  6. so basically I could be stuffed right? - - - Updated - - - so basically dell are going to be doing this with all there alienware laptops? Surely someone can work this out otherwise no more overclocking alienware laptops right?
  7. if anyone can unlock the vbios on the new dell a09 bios for alienware m14x r2 I will certainly reward with a few beers!!! :-) as im desperate I can downgrade!!!
  8. ahh I know you said it I just downloaded from dell website and didn't read your post. Dam it!!! Do you think that it will be able to be modded and the digital signature check bypassed in the future as I lost around 200mhz boost now with the default vbios. Pain in the arse but my fault!!
  9. no changes as far as im concerned only problem is I cant go back to the unlocked v bios a03 anymore, Hopefully s7lv will modify this one too
  10. please modify a09 as I cant downgrade now to the unlock a03 vbios !!! argghh
  11. hi I just updated to a09 but wanted to go back to your a03 modded unlocked vbios but it wont let me install back a03? PLease please try and unlock the a09 bios with same unlocked vbios feature
  12. Thanks for this. Any chance of modding this for the unlocked vbios as you did for a03 please. Of course when you get the time. Many thanks for your hard work
  13. ok I didn't mean anything by it and wasn't aware that it was offensive, sorry
  14. yeah its the same overclock as the default a04 bios I have gone back to your unlocked a03 for now and works fine. Keep up the good work
  15. tried your latest alienware r2 a04 unlocked bios but it only lets me overclock +135 not 400 as the a03 unlcoked bios does? this is using msi afterburner?? any help of why would be great. Thanks and keep up the good work - - - Updated - - - Thanks svl7 Tried your modded bios M14x R2 - BIOS A04 'OC edition' but it doesn't let me overclock anymore that 135 but the previous a03 unlocked bios let me overclock to 400 using msi afterburner. Can you help? Thanks
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