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  1. I have several questions on upgrading my M18X R2. My rig's GPU is 680m and video ram is 2GB. It's a relic :p So I will change it to 980m. 1. Is it working on windows 7? (If it works, legacy or UEFI mode?) 2. Is 980m /w G-sync compatible with my rig? 3. Are there any compatibility issues with M18X R2 and Windows 10? I tried to find useful information far as I can do, but my English ability sucks :S Guys, please help me!
  2. I have M17X R4 /w 3630QM, 980M. GPU installation is nicely done and I have a job for CPU. At the first time I thought about 3940XM OEM, but it's beyond my budget. Too Expensive.... almost over 600 USD! So I'm trying to buy 3940XM QS instead, but 3920XM OEM is on my mind either. 3940XM QS is manufactured later than 3920XM OEM, and if that is true 3940XM QS could be better than 3920XM, even 'OEM'. (I'm told that!) So I'm still hesitant to buy CPU. Is there anyone knows which one is better for overclocking stability? (most important thing is temp, or 'yield' another word?)
  3. Yeah I agree with that ivy bridge is more reasonable, so I chose Dell E6430 /w 3740QM with 'reasonable' price Now VGA remains.. I already have pe4l v2.1b so I'm considering between 660ti and 670. Do you have any other suggestion?
  4. I'm planning to try egpu with Dell E6430, and I already have PE4L V2.1B. But I haven't choose VGA. 750 TI is too low performance, and 760 is 256 bit so I'm afraid it could cause a bottleneck. 660 ti, 760, 670(WHAT?!), Which one is better? Or the other options? Thank you in advance.
  5. Oh really thanks:) And sorry for my bad question. I just saw the explanation of EC on the top:( Actually I was thinking about T520 and T540P for EGPU. But EC has no difference between them, I don't have to consider it anymore. I gotta go T520. Thanks again!
  6. Anyone knows about specification of expresscard slot in T540P? I can't find it anywhere.
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