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  1. https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/announcement/4-user-account-promotion-rules-read-before-posting/ Although now that you're an elite member you should be fine to download...
  2. That would be it. Glad you figured it out. Happy gaming.
  3. That would be correct. Also disabling driver signing is an F8 on boot thing. Good luck
  4. The attached files tell you what you need to do to mod the two files for PEG/ Dedicated, get into the practice as there is nobody consistently doing .inf mods here anymore. I have modded 391.01 following those instructions successfully however I hold no responsibility if it doesn't work on your machine as I've not checked for compatibility beyond my own, but let us know if it goes fine. The instructions were created from older modded files using the method @Ezio21 suggested. So thank you @Ezio21. Please note you still need to follow the whole string of instructions for installing modded drivers as previously outlined by @J95. But in short: 0) Make sure you have a copy of your last working driver ready to reinstall if anything goes wrong. 1) Download driver "XXX.XX-notebook-win10-64bit-international-whql" and unzip using your preferred compression software. 2) Make a copy of the nv_dispi.inf and nvdmi.inf from Display.Driver into a folder for modding them. Make a backup of the originals too. 3) Follow attached instructions to modify those files. 4) Replace the two files within Display.Driver 5) Delete all folders other than: 6) Restart (Shift + Restart on Win10) in safe mode. 7) Use DDU to uninstall old driver in full 8) Restart (Shift + Restart on Win10) and Disable Driver Signature Enforcement. 9) Install from setup.exe 10) Hope that you did everything right. Once again the attached instructions worked for me. Hopefully they work for you. NVDISPI INSTRUCTIONS.pdf NVDMI INSTRUCTIONS.pdf
  5. Dunno, might as well do it manually. https://www.laptopmag.com/articles/disable-automatic-driver-downloads-on-windows-10 Note, it will disable all driver updates for all hardware that windows 10 was automatically updating.... But if you're using a modded AW that's probably not much now anyhow.
  6. You need to disable automatic driver updating in Windows. I would give you the instruction but I don't have them at hand. A simple Google should get you where you need to go.
  7. @J95 Thank you for all the modded .inf. You'be been pretty quiet lately, are you retiring from modding .inf for the community or simply working on only major driver releases?
  8. You've not been promoted yet. You need to meet the promotion requirements or buy a subscription to Tech Inferno.
  9. TheTqM

    [Guide] - M15x with AMD 7970m

    Hello, I just recently started considering upgrading the GPU on my now 4.5 year old M15x. Currently I've still got got the stock 260M and will probably look towards the 7970m. Does anyone who recently (or maybe not so recently) upgraded know of any reasonably priced vendors? I'll trawl through this thread and see if I can find any answers to my question but I figured I'd ask straight out anyhow. Many thanks.

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