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  1. just received my sager with rtx 2070 max q heres the vbios from gpu z https://www.sendspace.com/file/06msmw i just need klem or someone else to unlock this so i can flash it donation will be made after it works. i need to overclock this beast thanks
  2. Hello... I have a problem i have been trying to solve for a long time..i overclocked my gtx 765m unlocked core and power limit...it seems like every time I raise my gpu voltage..my cpu which is intel i7 4700HQ want's to throttle down to 800 mhz...big impact in fps..i repasted i checked my temps..my temps doesnt even go over 75 in games..and when i tested my machine in 3dmark..temps were at 55c when cpu throttled..this is ridiculous..so then i tried throttlestop 6.0 i disabled bd prochot and that stopped my cpu from being throttled..but of course something else has to happen..thsi time my gpu clock started swinging all over the place..it would jump down to 135 to 888 back to 1200 mhz..it seems like even if i stop the cpu from throttling...this time gpu throttles..is ther a way to stop it? a tweaked vbios? or a bios....how do i stop this? please help! heres a video of cpu throttling.
  3. Doer

    Overclocking ASUS G750JH GTX780M

    Hello, Ioverclocked my g750jw gtx 765m 2gb...i got a good score in 3dmark11 around 5586 but i have this weird throttling issue i have been trying to solve over 4 months..maybe longer...cpu throttles at very low temps as soon as i raise gpu voltage. i used throttlestop 6.0 disabled bd prochot this time cpu stopped throttling and gpu clocks started swinging all over the place like it would jump down to 135 and go back up to what ever i set it up to..i just cant get rid of this throttling issue. i can get rid of cpu throttling issue by using throttlestop..but i cant stop the gpu..i had a friend help me unlock my core..we tried a few things but no help..i repasted my cpu and gpu both dont pass 75c in games.. so i don't know why i throttle..please help. heres a link of cpu throttling.

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