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  1. Hello gentlemen. I have a very annoying problem. I am running windows 8 on a Dell vostro 3700. I have everything in order except for error 12. The thing is with my computer is that the only way for it to detect the eGPU is to hibernate and plug it in. Sleep mode will hang it on black screen, reboot the same, and plugging it in during reboot the same. The big problem is, if i disable the dGPU the hibernate option in windows disappears. So its a circle. I need to disable the dGPU to free up resources, but if i do so, i cant hibernate it and detect the eGPU. Any suggestions?
  2. Hello, I would love to hijack the dGPUs space but the thing is, i need to go into hibernation mode in order to detect my eGPU, and without the dGPU, I cant get hibernation mode. Im in a circle problem. Are there other ways in win8 that you can think of that would solve this?
  3. New problem. Bizzare problem Got that fixed, I tried the hibernation mode and start it again and it worked. But then I removed the dGPU to free up resources, and i rebooted, and then the hibernation option just disappered from the "shutdown" button. So now i cant go into hibernation which i need to detect my eGPU. And I can not disable the dGPU which i need to free resources to solve error 12. How can I go past this?
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