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  1. I've added a new to show Far Cry 4 performance at 1080p with ultra settings. My setup includes an external display, a GTX 970 and a dual-core laptop. My framerate is normally between 40 and 60 fps.
  2. It is great news but! I never had a single problem with my eGPU setup. It works flawlessly on Windows 8.1 and OS X.
  3. My 13" rMBP i5 2.6GHz + GTX 970 has no problems to play high demanding games like Crysis 3, BF 4, Far Cry 4 and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare on Ultra settings at 1080p with +/- 60 fps. I just need to recude the anti-aliasing. Because Apple SSD's are expensive I'm using a portable USB 3.0 drive for my Steam library. For the enclosure I've chosen the Silverstone FT03 mini but that depends on personal taste.
  4. That is true but I'm not happy about it's performance for photo and video editing.
  5. I haven't even tried to use my e-GPU in Mac OS X. But I would like to have this functionality in the future to drive a 4K display that I don't have yet (Windows: 1080p gaming & Mac: 4K productivity). - - - Updated - - - Some general information and experience about my system. My setup works very good under Windows without any crashes yet. Sometimes I just need to force shutdown the system because Optimus isn't working (when no external screen is connected) or because there isn't anything to see on both the internal and external screen. But after one or a few reboots everything is fine again. The 13" interal screen is small so I like to game on my TV quite often. My e-GPU and laptop are located in my home office and I have a USB and HDMI cable running through the wall from my office to my living room TV. In the living room I have an USB hub to connect a keyboard, a mouse and my Sony PS3 controller. I have slightly better FPS with an external monitor/TV and this way I can game in my living room without any noise of the e-GPU.
  6. Then you should probably follow a guide to force Bootcamp in UEFI mode. You can find it somewhere on this forum but I forgot where.
  7. That might be the case. But what Apple device are you using?
  8. To give a very simple explanation: UEFI (2005) is a more advanced BIOS (1975). So Windows can use more advanced functionality (like Thunderbolt) when you use UEFI mode. Apple Bootcamp always uses UEFI when you install Windows on modern Mac's.
  9. Not yet because the powered riser doesn't fit inside the case so I need to order another 90° riser and a converter cable to power my case fan from the PSU (or maybe I will modify a cable for this). But my wife is complaning about the bare components in our living room so I will try to finish it soon :-) It will hopefully also reduce the coil noise a bit.
  10. I have changed my order to an EVGA GeForce GTX 970 Superclocked (04G-P4-1972-KR) because I will mount it inside a SilverStone FT03 Mini case.
  11. You could try to order another PCIe riser because that is not normal. Does you Akitio still works with it's own power supply when you don't connect the GPU?
  12. Do not use the Akitio PSU together with a powered riser. - - - Updated - - - Than there is something wrong because the powered riser should be enough to power both the Akitio and give +/- 75 Watt to the PCIe x16 slot. This works great for my setup.
  13. The power plug for the case ventilator doesn't fit in the PSU. But maybe I can find another solution for that.
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