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  1. I picked up a 240 GB Seagate 600 for $90 because of the great price/performance ratio. If I had money to burn I would probably go with a Samsung 840 Pro, but I can't justify spending that much, especially with how SSD prices are dropping.
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    Anime discussion

    Batoto.net is pretty much the only site that supports the scanlators, but they generally usually don't have licensed stuff. I try to avoid leech sites, but sometimes I use them if I can't find a manga anywhere else. Try mangafox, goodmanga, or mangahere. There are a lot of other leech sites out there. I use mangastream for the newest chapters.
  3. Seagate 600 series 240 GB ST240HM000 in a Alienware M14x R1. I'm waiting for a new battery so I can flash a different bios, then we'll see if the performance is better.
  4. Repasting lowered my temperatures moderately and I use a Zalman ZM-NC2000 laptop cooler, but replacing my HDD with a SSD lowered my temperatures quite a bit too!
  5. My last two main gaming mouses have been the Logitech G500 and the G500s. One thing about Logitech is they have fantastic service, I had an issue with my G500 so I sent in a ticket. All I had to do was send them a copy of my receipt and they shipped me a new mouse!
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