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  1. I tried the Tuniq TX-4 the other day, and my temps are much cooler than with Arctic Silver 5. 3DMark 11 benchmark on stock clocks was 69 vs 75 max temp on GPU, 63 vs 68 on CPU, and FurMark 720p benchmark only got to 87 instead of 90 and throttling. A quick few rounds of Titanfall and I was thoroughly impressed, temps in the range of 75-78 with 200/400 clocks where as before with 150/250 it was hanging out around 85-88.
  2. Successful OC here on an MSI GT60 with 680m 4 gb, thanks to all the useful info here. I used the 1.025V version, but I may switch to the stock voltage as I'm running into throttling due to heat around 90 deg C using 915/2250 and even 888/2005. I've read that going back to stock voltage can drop it 3-5 deg C, so I'll try that tonight. Best 3DMark 11 score w/ OC so far is 7450
  3. This review Geek Tested: 17 Thermal Pastes Face Off | Maximum PC had really good things to say about Arctic Silver 5, but from their tests, Tunix TX-4 scored the best- 3 deg C cooler than Arctic Silver 5.
  4. I'm liking this driver already. I've seen slight improvements in a few different games so far, and just by installing the driver it raised my 3dmark 11 score from 6094 to 6189 on an MSI GT60 w/ 680m.
  5. FWIW, I couldn't get the flash drive technique to work. I tried everything including chatting with the MSI rep, it just wouldn't boot off the flash. One try with the exe file "winflash.exe" from windows and it worked perfectly.
  6. I've never enjoyed BF multiplayer, but I always buy the games for just the campaign. Has anyone noticed any significant performance increases with the nvidia 337.5 driver?
  7. Got Dead Space for free on Origin lately, plan on trying that one out as I've heard great things about that series. I'm enjoying Titanfall and Bioshock Infinite atm. Curious to Elder Scrolls online, I don't usually play that type of game but I'd consider trying a demo, is there one available?
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