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    MSI gt 683r Problems

    If you read the forum rules, you'd know why. Posts do not disappear, unless they are deemed as spam or double posts. This only applies if you are a new user, <5 posts. Instead, they take time to appear (approve by a moderator). Once you reach 5 posts, your posts will no longer have to be approved. I have deleted the first post now because it was a double post.
  2. Hi, the rom has errors when trying to open. Are you currently on A11? If so, can you please RESET your BIOS to DEFAULTS (F9 when in BIOS) and also DELETE any BIOS password you may have. After that, download the BIOS backup tool and click "Read" and then "Backup" and upload the file here for me? Thanks
  3. I just had this problem with my laptop as well. It wouldn't start charging until an hour after I plugged it in. One thing I noticed was that the battery was scorching hot when it wouldn't charge and once it had cooled down significantly, it was back to normal. On Win7.
  4. Xonar

    MSI gt 683r Problems

    The CMOS reset is a fool-proof method. If all else fails, perhaps try contacting the seller? Or you could flash a new BIOS onto the laptop.
  5. Xonar

    MSI gt 683r Problems

    Make sure your main battery is also unplugged while you reset the CMOS.
  6. Try saving the file with the .bin extension? I.E.: 683DX.bin. BCP will recompile the image into whatever you set the extension to (if supported of course).
  7. http://forum.techinferno.com/general-notebook-discussions/2091-lets-enable-overclocking-all-6-7-series-laptops.html This thread may possibly interest you.
  8. Games runs at 30-40 FPS on medium settings, no AA/AF, 1080p for me. Definitely playable, but not optimal given my specs.
  9. Apologize for the delays... Thanksgiving holiday, had family over for a couple of days. Yes. If you don't have RAID, you can still set SATA Mode to AHCI. Sure. Yep, I will. No, never. http://www.msi.com/product/nb/GT60-0NE.html#/?div=BIOS Yes, if you look 50T/70T are for Win8. No. Don't do it. I don't understand why you are so insistent on a non-RAID version. What happens when someone adds a second HDD and RAID? Now they have to flash another BIOS. With the RAID-enabled BIOS all they have to do it set AHCI to RAID. Also, use the '@' to get someone's attention. For instance, @alkado will page you.
  10. Just did some searching because I was in doubt and you're absolutely correct. Wow, well time to digest the fine print: Haha, only one DIMM per channel, not the standard two (found in i7's). Nice call. Source
  11. Nope, all four slots should work (2 memory channels, therefore 4 slots in dual-channel). Also, 16GB is confirmed to work with an i5, not sure about 32GB though.
  12. Hi Serg, welcome to T|I! Unfortunately, the fan speed is controlled by the EC so you'll need to find a program to edit the EC. I have a link somewhere in this thread for it.
  13. They are for iMacs and there's no proof that there will be a MXM version even. Don't get your hopes up. Sent from my HTC Sensation using Tapatalk 2
  14. Clevo or MSI vBIOS work. Just make sure its not Dell. Sent from my HTC Sensation using Tapatalk 2
  15. Hold off until tomorrow (U.S. time). The memory stuff is still not visible. Sent from my HTC Sensation using Tapatalk 2
  16. The only other way to download files is to become a T|I Elite Member. It really is not hard to make 5 posts. Just find a couple threads where you can contribute to the discussion and enjoy! Thanks, I will take a look to see if it can be enabled in "Main". Unfortunately, I have to continue bothering you with testing because my notebook does not have the same issue that your's does. Hope you don't mind. Regards.
  17. Hi, Please make a new thread in the Dell section!!! This is the MSI forum. Thanks!
  18. I'm really bad with deadlines, sorry mate. There should be an option under Advanced called "Extra". When you go into Extra it should take you to a new subfolder with a bunch of CPU options and memory timings, etc, etc. Let me know what you think. Thanks. ms1762.zip gt60.zip
  19. No there is no way unfortunately. It is controlled by Nvidia Optimus, which shuts down the 670M GTX when not gaming. It's the same situation as WEI in Windows 7.
  20. Nope, nothing will. It's an Nvidia implementation.
  21. Since I don't own a notebook with 2 different BIOS (1 for RAID, 1 for non-RAID) I can't tell you for 100% certainty, but no one has ever reported a miss-flash when I advised they flash the RAID version. The only thing that I think is different in the RAID BIOS is literally the addition the RAID option under 'SATA MODE' and sets it to DEFAULT. That is why you have to change it back to AHCI if you didn't have RAID enabled before (MSI assumes if you are flashing a RAID BIOS, that it is because your notebook shipped with HDDs or SSDs in RAID).You do not have to change anything before the flash, just AFTER the flash. Once your notebook boots up just spam 'Del' key the whole time (even if it goes to the Intel Boot Manager). Once inside the BIOS, find SATA MODE and you should see that it is now set to RAID. Since you were not using RAID previous to the BIOS flash, you will need to change RAID to AHCI. You only have to do this once and it is the first time your computer boots. If you don't change this, there is a chance you will corrupt your boot manager or data because the Intel Raid utility will try to create a RAID_0 array out of your HDD. Understand now? Corsair Vengence will lock in at 1333mhz. This is because they don't have any XMP profiles so their frequencies are not adjustable through the BIOS. This can be overcome though, you can flash your memory chips to higher base frequencies and tweak their timings with a program called Thaiphoon Burner. You do have to pay for the program though and I've never used it, only read about it. If you know your notebook has XMP support and you want higher-frequency RAM (i.e. 1600mhz, 1866mhz or 2133mhz*) then make sure you pick up RAM with XMP profiles. There's only a select few on the market.*2133mhz is a stretch in most cases. The Sandy Bridge IMC can't handle it sometimes (especially with amounts greater than 8GB). I've never looked into changing up the OROM, when I have time I can look into it, but it isn't a high priority for me. Sorry.Intel blatantly lied about Sandy Bridge's IMC capabilities. It can support 32GB as well as frequencies well beyond 1333mhz.With regards to Turbo, you're almost there. Just use the screenshot I have in my post above and copy those 3 values into the BIOS to achieve maximum turbo.
  22. Why does svl7 have to continue bending his back for you? Is modifying the BIOS for free not enough? We aren't a download portal and have no plans of becoming one. This is a forum for discussion, just like any other. Anyone who want files off of this forum has to adhere to the forum rules and contribute 5 quality posts to the discussion to gain download rights or can become T|I Elite Members. Here's a suggestion: read the forum rules before you start posting so you don't get banned.
  23. It's only necessary if you want to enable XMP profiles (i.e. RAM frequencies > 1600mhz). The rest is up to the IMC (Integrated memory controller) on the CPU. I honestly don't know, I haven't even thought about it. TRIM is enabled though... unless you mean for RAID Intel SSD's. Will have it tomorrow!! Along with the GT70, 1762, etc. Also, I will have the RAID version and you can manually DISABLE RAID in the BIOS. There's no sense in unlocking the same BIOS twice when you can just disable RAID and potentially enable it down the road if you buy a second HDD... [ATTACH=CONFIG]5334[/ATTACH] Then you use Throttlestop to force the CPU to Turbo and you can sustain maximum turbo indefinitely, unless you have thermal throttling.
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