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  1. I didn't get premium but i will be buying armored kill. Can't wait. Sent from my Sensation
  2. Yep, the Clevo and MSI versions will be highly sought after, unless it is safe to flash those vBIOS on to a Dell card and remove that pesky lock. Err, looks like it's solved with the new BIOS svl7 just posted. Sent from my Sensation
  3. Thanks Jimbo and nice to meet you as well. There's a (dead) desktop forum for you to post in. I'll have to close this thread as it's in the wrong forum. Bahaha, pardon me, I couldn't help myself. Speaking of which, the desktop hardware subforum is something I miss as well. My wishes are for this forum to grow. I've even thrown a couple bucks towards the server costs as a sign of faith. If it does continue to grow, expect a couple more on the way. P.S. How's the 2920xm ES working for you? I'd bought one in anticipation of uping the multipliers on it, but I am disappoint.
  4. Haha, I enjoyed this post very much. Quite concise and to the point. Thank you. To clarify that part: I meant deleted for interpreting this as intentionally inciting a flame war against NBR. But yes, I have realized the environment here is a complete 180* difference. NBR has turned into a quasi-police state to say the least. People use mods for defense, rather than to 'moderate' discussions. Also, telling someone to use Google is considered condescending and infraction worthy. Really? If anything it's a lesson for future questions and less clutter in the forums, not to put someone down. Also, they aren't very friendly if you seem to know too much. . . Don't even get me started on the front-page reviews. Before NBR became massively commercialized, laptops on the front page would be through users not some NBR staff. Heck, they'd even offer you money to review your notebook and have them edit it and post it. Those were some quality reviews. Now you have a gaming notebook, Asus G75VW, reviewed and check out the games they test. Mass Effect 3 and CoD:MW3, both console ports. Best damn joke I've heard in a long time. And the kicker? I think the reviewer forgot that the G73JH had the top-of-line 5870M inside of it. After that, ASUS has taken a step backwards and opted for mid-range and ASUS-crippled version solutions like the 460/560/660M GTX for $1,700+. Now they have the 670M, but who cares, it's a little late to be adding a high-end Fermi card, don't you think? ASUS has fallen off the radar for any serious gamer in the past year. Thieves piss me off. Especially ones that steal free work. I've now edited strings in the BIOS to confirm my identification and hid some signatures inside to also do the same. It's bullshit that I even have to do that. But proof is proof. Edit: Anyways, I'm sure everyone gets the point. I'm done with the NBR sucks circlejerk and I'm done answering PMs on that site.
  5. Sounds like Infected Mushroom. I like it.
  6. I don't know if anyone here is aware of this, but recently MSI joined the ranks of Alienware and Clevo offering BOTH the GT70 and GT60 with the 680M GTX. Some SKUs will also support their Super RAID (2 MSATA 6.0Gb/s SSD's in RAID 0). We now have a 3-way race! Press Release Article: MSI GT70 and GT60 Featuring NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680M Pack Quite a Wallop | techPowerUp With a controllable EC these babies should be able to OC sky high while maintaining incredibly cool. Makes me want to throw one of these into my 16F2, although the 7970M is just as tempting.
  7. Pictures: Flashing Process: BIOS Options: Resetting CMOS Battery & Clearing the BIOS:
  8. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *Note: This page is no longer updated, I am not taking requests anymore. Please do not PM me, because I will not respond. Other people have graciously posted their unlocked BIOS's within this thread, so you will have to do some searching to find the right one. I may come back to unlocked more later... I just don't have any time. Sorry. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Welcome to my unlocked BIOS thread for MSI G-series gaming notebooks! Anytime you see an asterisk (*), it means that pictures for that part are included in the 2nd post. Introduction: In this thread you will find a list of MSI G-series gaming notebooks with their BIOS’ fully unlocked. Just about every feature that MSI has hidden is now available to be changed by the end user. This thread may be of particular interest to techies who love to squeeze every ounce of performance out of their notebooks or even the average person who is looking for a particular feature that has previously been locked. Should I Flash These BIOS? Anyone that owns one of the listed MSI G-Series notebooks is eligible. Who this does NOT apply to: - If you are afraid to brick your notebook, this is NOT for you. There is always a possibility for errors and accidents to occur. - If you do not understand what any or most of these acronyms mean, this is NOT for you. You will probably find little use for the unlocked features and the potential for risk is much greater than the reward. Who this applies to: - If you have an understanding of most of this thread and are willing to learn, continue reading. - If you are an enthusiast who loves modding and overclocking and have experience with this field, continue reading. Features: So what are these features that MSI had locked out? A short list would include: *- XMP RAM support (Up to 2133Mhz) [Warning: 4 DIMMs at 1866Mhz(+) may not be stable, 2 DIMMs are stable at 2133Mhz]. - BCLK Overclocking (Up to 5%, your mileage may vary, no guarantees). - TPL limits unlocked (With the combination of ThrottleStop, CPU throttling can be overcome). Necessary Tools & Knowledge: We’re going to need a couple things before we start flashing: 1. A bootable USB drive in DOS/ME/98. Guides can be found all over the internet. 2. The required BIOS file(s) for your specific notebook. 3. AC Adapter plugged into notebook. 4. Some common sense and bravery. Disclaimer: I claim no responsibility for any accident, damage, or brick caused by this, nor do I guarantee any technical assistance. Flash at your own risk. I am in no way affiliated to MSI, nor is MSI obligated to provide any support with these files. Proceed with caution! Your notebook's warranty will be compromised in the event of a repair! Redistribution of these files is not permitted without prior approval from me. You must contact me BEFORE you plan on hosting them. Thank you. Directions: 1. Add the three (3) files: "BIOS".ROM, AFUDOS.exe and update.bat to your flash drive. The root folder works best. Double check the READ ME.txt that you are about to flash the correct BIOS for your notebook. 2. Plug in USB drive and shut down your notebook. 3. Power on the notebook and during POST hit F11. This will bring up the boot menu, select your USB drive and hit enter. 4. In DOS, type:* This will start the flashing process. Warning: Once you hit enter, you CANNOT stop the flashing process. If you interrupt it via shutdown or remove its power source, you will brick your notebook with 100% certainty. 5. Sit back and wait for the process to complete itself. Note: Your fan will spin at 100% speed, it will be very loud. This is normal. Once your BootBlock has been verified and the command prompt comes back up, the process is complete.* Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to restart your notebook and hit Delete to enter the BIOS. If your BIOS looks exactly the same as before and the flashing process came back with no errors, then you have to boot into Windows and shut down your notebook, NOT restart. Then check it out. Warning: The BIOS might reset the SATA mode into RAID. Please double check in the 'Advanced' tab that it is set to whichever mode you were using or else your boot manager may get corrupted. If this does happen, you will need to use your Windows 7 CD and repair the start-up process. Downloads: This part is under construction! More will be added. Taking requests as well. MSI Notebook Models: Version: Download Link: 1st-Gen Core-i Retail: MS-GX740(17''): 1.0F ms_gx740.zip Whitebook: MS-16F1(15.6''): 1.0L MSI 16F1 Unlocked.zip 2nd-Gen Core-i: Retail: MS-GT680/683(15.6''): .30Z MSI GT683 Unlocked.zip MS-GT780/783(17''): .30H MSI GT783 Unlocked.zip Whitebook: MS-16F2(15.6''): 3.05 MSI MS-16F2 Unlocked.zip MS-1761(17''): 3.06 MSI MS-1761 Unlocked.zip 3rd-Gen Core-i: Retail: MS-GT60(15.6''): .30M MSI GT60 Unlocked.zip MS-GT70(17''): .30M MSI GT70 Unlocked.zip Whitebook: MS-16F3(15.6''): MS-1762(17''): 3.0G MSI 1762 Unlocked.zip AMD APU MS-gx60(15.6'') 3.05 SecondGenAMDAPU.zip Recovery: Directions for making your notebook function properly if you encounter any errors. Case 1: In case of a GOOD flash, but you still cannot enter BIOS or boot into Windows: Common symptoms include: Endless looping reboots, inability to access the BIOS, permanent black screen, persistent BSODs in Windows or stuttering. The most likely cause was that your image was successfully overwritten, but some values may have changed internally and the BIOS may be having a hard time accepting them. If everything was a success and your notebook boots into one of the situations mentioned above, before trying a blind-flash recovery, UNPLUG the wire leading to your CMOS battery for 5-10 seconds.* This will RESET the stored values in the BIOS to their defaults. If this does not solve the problem, then a blind-flash will be required. Case 2: In case of a BAD flash, a blind-flash will be required. 1. Remove any files from your USB that aren't the necessary bootable DOS files. 2. Pick a ROM you want to flash (doesn't have to be the original), but it MUST be one for your notebook specifically. 3. Rename the file.ROM to AMIBOOT.ROM and put it on your flash drive. 4. Plug in your flash drive in a USB 2.0 slot. 5. As soon as your notebook turns on and nothing is displayed, spam Ctrl + Home (In my case, the MS-16F2 is Ctrl + Fn + PgUp or Ctrl + Shift + NumPad 7). 6. You should hear four (4) beeps and the BIOS should begin flashing itself. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Redistribution of these files is not permitted without prior approval from me. You must contact me BEFORE you plan on hosting them. Thank you.
  9. Awesome, once I get everything sorted I will do so. I didn't rub want to rub in that last part, haha. But don't worry, it'll be upgraded in a week. . . errr, a month. . . make that three months. . . TBA.
  10. So far, I've purchased: Portal 2 HL2 + Ep.1 + Ep. 2 Legend of Grimrock SpaceChem Terraria TW: Shogun 2 Complete I feel like my wallet is going to suffer some more in the coming days.
  11. Aye, thanks for the welcome Brian. It's good to know I wasn't the only one who felt that way; that would explain why I see so many former NBR members here. It's a shame MU got shut down as I've lost all my files forever and I had just reformatted my PC and was going to back them up on my external. What luck! Combined, I had roughly 15k downloads for all my files and they were only up for 2-3months, so I know they were useful. I think I may restart my projects and post them in the MSI section to spark some interest in that subforum. Also, nice to see Tapatalk support.
  12. You're absolutely right, feedback is key. How can I improve on my work if there is no criticism or comments? I hope this community continues to grow, I'm sure I'll find it enjoyable. Thanks for the welcome! Now, if only I had the knowledge to port XTU into my BIOS, then I'd have everything unlocked. I also think I'll be looking into an AW as my next system, Clevo has been a let-down for the last couple of years and I have mixed feelings on MSI.
  13. Hey guys, I didn't see an "Introduce Yourself" thread or subforum, so I guess I'll start one here in OT. I've been registered at T|I for over a year on another account, but I've decided to keep my account name the same as the one I've had on NBR, so I just registered this one today. My name is Mike and I'm a notebook enthusiast, just like you all. My first gaming notebook was a Gateway P-7811FX, which was a great buy at the time, until the dreaded GPU problems started to surface. I did a review at NBR on it. My first taste in modding (software & hardware) started with that machine. Last year, I purchased a MSI 16F2 barebone which was a hell of a deal and I can't wait to put a 7970M in that baby, or possibly a 680M GTX if everything plays right with that card and my machine. I've also unlocked most of the MSI 1st and 2nd generation-core i notebook's BIOS which I posted at NBR. I was hoping to get the multipliers unlocked for my XM CPU, but unfortunately, AMI has let us down . At the very least, the BCLK is unlocked for a measly 3-5% OC. As you can see, I really loved NBR and notebooks, I was one of the oldest members there, having lurked for a good year before deciding to register, but things weren't all rosy in the end. So, how did I end up at T|I? Actually, I've been lurking T|I for a long time. The ICD7/24 thread, TS and svl7's threads are what got me started here. You guys aren't just reposters, you are hands-on people, original devs. I've grown incredibly tired of the lack of respect at NBR. I haven't bothered to continue my work on the BIOS after MU went down, as people were reposting my work and taking credit for it or begging. While it is free and I didn't take any donations for it, I was the one who did all the Googling, trying to decipher bad translations, downloading files with no documentation or clue as to what they did and had to figure it out on my own, and lastly, I was the guinea pig. I put my $1,200 notebook on the line for the better of the community and I would still get PMs filled with bad attitude and idiots who bricked their notebooks and blamed me for it because they couldn't read or had an incredible lack of common sense. The least one could do was give credit where credit was due, like I said, I never asked for a penny, unlike most BIOS unlocking forums. Heck, anyone who PM'ed me asking how I did it, I would straight up tell them everything, including linking the files needed and all directions. For a good week or two of my time and a some bad headaches, they had it handed to them on a silver plate in 5 minutes. The most frustrating PMs would be that I was rep whoring and anyone could have done the work I did. Well guess what? You didn't do it and I never rep-whored once I my life, if you look at the original post I give credit to my original testers, but I never say +rep me for my work. So, my journey at T|I posting starts today and I hope I can be of value here just as I was at NBR. I don't carry a vengeance against NBR, but the overall quality of the news page and forum has diminished significantly to a point where I barely enjoy browsing it. Also, this not a PG-13 forum, hurrah. So how about it, let's here how you all got started at T|I and a little bit about yourselves? FYI, the links are for reference, I'm not plugging my links for clicks/views as I don't benefit from it. I'm also not attempting to start a flame NBR thread (If there is an issue you can delete this thread without warning, I understand), but I notice that many of T|I members are also NBR members or were at one point so I believe a connection can be established.
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