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  1. Hey guys, i got a problem - i played some WoW at evening and suddenly got artifacts on the screen with a buzzing sound and then i couldn't get to windows its just stuck on a black screen. Now i just reinstalled whole windows 8 and when im trying to install any ati drivers, during installation i am getting a black screen and my windows is messed up again on a black screen. Bios can see both cards and so does ATIFLASH from DOS. If i won't install any ati drivers it says error: code 10 in a windows 8. AlienAutopsy shows like both of them are just disabled. Any ideas guys what might happened? Specs: M18x R2 with CrossfireX 7970m with latest vbios 119 (which enables fast boot thingy)
  2. svl7, can we mod this vBios with a vBios patcher now? I mean 7970m's
  3. svl7, can you take a look at Re: M18x R2, A08, A09, A10 BIOS not working EJECT button under WIndows 8 - Alienware Forum - Alienware Club - Dell Community please. Any idea why it could not work? Thanks
  4. Just flashed my 7970m's in M18x R2 and now i can use win8 fast boot. Thanks SVL7. Can you make to work that vbios with a vbios patcher? I will donate to you
  5. Hey, svl7! Is there any safer method rather than blind flashing from A08 to A03? Can you make a program? I will make some donate to you
  6. So should i care? I flashed both videocards with undervolted vBios 0.975v, 1st GPU shows right voltage, but other 1.075v. Tried to change clocks on 2nd gpu and its worked. So it's bug in AMD drivers i hope.
  7. But i tried different drivers - i got the same reading -> increased voltage on 2nd gpu. Is there any other way to check real information?
  8. Thanks, as i posted above i tried msi kombustor and it showed 1.075v on 2nd gpu though i flashed them both with 0.975v in 3d mode. (reflashed like 10 times.. 2nd gpu seems like won't take any undervolt or overvolt)
  9. MSI kombustor also shows 1.075v on 2nd gpu.. maybe its A03 bios messed up my videocards?
  10. ok, thanks. I think i have issues because of higher voltage on 2nd gpu... ie black screens when i play darksiders 2
  11. so i can write atiflash -f 0 my.rom, right? HWinfo64 and GPU-Z not showing my voltages...
  12. Can you tell me a different program to monitoring voltages? And what is -f in atiflash? Should i try that?
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