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  1. I just downgraded from 3.05 to 2.07, and applied the whitelist fix. It all worked perfectly. Thankyou. My Intel 7260HMW is now mostly working - I just need to find a decent set of drivers for the Bluetooth.
  2. Thanks all - I'll wait until there's a better choice of M.2 SSDs - That MyDigital has a few negative reviews on Amazon UK.
  3. Hi All I purchased the UK model Y510P (In the UK we have only one choice - non-SLI, 16GB with Blu-Ray), which can with a 1TB hdd with 8GB of cache. When I opened up the laptop, I discovered that the hdd had the cache on-board, and that the SSD slot was empty. I've since replaced the 1Tb with a 512GB 840 Pro SSD, which is nice. Is there any advantage to populating the SSD slot? If so, what do I put in there? Thanks Shaun
  4. Has anyone tried removing the bezel, and spraying it matt black?
  5. I purchased this on Friday. It ran really lumpy at 1920x1080 on my Y510P laptop, but dropping down to 720p was playable. I'm waiting for my Xbox controller for Windows to arrive so I can give it a proper bash. I loved the original game. Now we just need someone to remake Dethkarz!
  6. Hi I'm from the UK, and am also here to hopefully get my new WiFi card working on my Y510P.
  7. I read in another forum that it is possible to change the HW ID of a WiFi card to match that of an approved card. I'm still looking for more details on this.
  8. Has there been any update from Lenovo regarding the official de-whitelisted bios? I would prefer to use an official release, but my y510p's wifi is terrible.
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