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  1. I got a PE4C 3.0 a couple of weeks ago, and I can say that I did not have any issues whatsoever with it so far.
  2. Did anyone test since? Is the PE4C 3.0 gen2 link stable? As stable as pe4l v2.1b? Thanks.
  3. Hello to everyone! I've been reading these forums/threads for a couple of weeks now, and after getting set up an eGPU adapter with a Lenovo T420 (only iGPU), nVidia GTX 460, and 400W corsair PSU, I need to ask a couple of questions.. I am using bios 1.15, and EC set to Gen 1. What I did: - booted to windows - plugged in eGPU - win detected standard VGA, reboot - install nVidia drivers, reboot - windows detects GTX 460, I set it as my primary display on external LCD, iGPU as second display on laptop LCD. After running 3dMark06, I get something above 6000 points (2k+ with iGPU). This seems very low even with Gen1, considering the results I've seen other people posting on this thread with similar CPU/GPU. I would expect the result to be somewhere above 13k, 14k. Am I missing something? I don't use setup1. I also tried powering off the laptop, removing egpu, start laptop, press F8 to get windows startup menu, plug in eGPU, then let windows start. Sometimes I get blue screens by doing this, but when windows boots up, then I still get the same slow results. 3dMark runs on the eGPU, because I see in GPU-z that the GPU load for GTX 460 is 99-100%. If I set the EC to Auto in bios, then I either get BSOD or system freeze, or some other anomaly. That is unstable (Gen2), and I don't know why, I've read other people managing to get it work with 2.0. I have also tested with AMD Firepro V3900, I get similar results. If I set the EC to Auto with the V3900, then I don't get BSOD or system freeze, but the system freezes up from time to time, and the graphics are very very slow. GPU-z shows 2x link in this case. Any ideas, suggestions, on what am I missing or doing wrong? Thank you!
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