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  1. The thing is I have that on HOLD. Im putting together my new desktop and since the MSI is my only work tool I don´t want to mess it up. So I think next week im gonna be ready to do with it what ever you people suggest. But till then no messing arround with it.
  2. Ive done that already. The next thing to try I think is to flash VBIOS.
  3. So far..\none. Got the GPU. Placed all the thermal pads and installed it with no problems. The device manager found it so I was kinda happy. Then when installing the Nvidia drivers I had to wrestle a bit because I didn't download the INTERNATIONAL version and I had the modified INF for that one (at that point I hadn't realized that) So after that I could proceed with the install of the drivers... BUTTTTT as they're not "CERTIFIED"DRIVERS I had to boot windows from the advanced restart so I could install NOT CERTIFIED drivers. After thath the install went ok. The 770m finally appeared in the device manager, but is having some issues with the HD4000. So, I decided to try the unlocked BIOS ( I got this and the the VBIOS for the 770m from SVET at HQ MSI forums....) After unlocking the bios HUNDREDS of new options appeared but so far haven't been able to use the 770m. My good friend BUGII is giving me a GREAT HAND at this, we could say he is a LONG DISTANCE TECHNICIAN (?) and supervises everything I do on the MSI. I think its just a matter of time before I have th 770m up and running, its just a software issue. I'll keep you all updated. If you have any suggestions we're listening! Best regards!!! Alex
  4. UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I replaced the 675m with the 770m clevo. Placed the thermal pads and everything. Booting, no problems! The system was able to find the gpu as "Microsoft Display .....". At that point I was jumping with excitment. Downloaded the 337.88 nvidia drivers and the modified Inf. UNLUCKILY... everything went downhill from here. Tried to Install the nvidia drivers and as expected "no compatible device hardware was found" sign appeared . The temporary "c:\nvidia\....." was created and I was prepeared to replace the modified inf. The thing is the modified inf was named nv_dipsi.inf and didn´t find that file name in the NVIDIA forlder. There is a file named "nv_disp.inf" . I tried renaming the file, copying the conten from the modified to the other.... and such. This time when installilng, instead of "no hardware found" I got "required files for installation missing" . So , i supposed the *.INF worked at some level, but was still unable to complete installation. So Im at a dead end and need your help guys! I can send u whatever files or system information u require in order to get this 770m working. Any chance I should flash vbios?? Best regards!!!!
  5. Patience people... as soon as i get my hands on the Clevo i bought, you`ll be hearing about it!
  6. I just got it yesterday!!! Im gettin the thermal pads today so I think tomorrow is gonna be THE DAY !!! I´ll keep u all posted!
  7. I´m crossing my fingers!!!! Next monday is the scheduled date for install. Will be needing your address for that wine we talked about my friend!! Best regards from ALMOST Narnia!
  8. Got this one just yesterday. My brother is in Virginia and is coming back with it next week. As soon as I get it i'll be sending PM to all of you so you can help me install it!!! Bugii, is this the one u got?? Best regards!!
  9. Bought 770m clevo today, WISH ME LUCK FELLAS !!!! Will be updating as soon as I get it!!!! - - - Updated - - - http://forum.techinferno.com/msi/7439-damn-you-msi-675m-replacement-770m-680m-2.html#post102288 You can follow my updates on this on my thread!
  10. Bought 770m clevo today, WISH ME LUCK FELLAS !!!! Will be updating as soon as I get it!!!!
  11. Wow!! Thanx a lot again man, as I replied earlier, that is not the "clevo" version. Im waiting for Bugii´s reply on this since he got the Clevo version ande he stated that it worked just fine 4 him and he´s being also VERY helpful on this subject. Which MSI model do you have??? u had the same 675m faulty GPU? Thanx a lot again 4 your time!
  12. Did you get the BLUE ONE? I was talking with Bugii and it seems he had no problem with 770m on his laptop. Could you send me the link to both the GPU´s you bought?? the 770m and the 2gb from Dell ?? Thanx a lot man!! I was just about to buy the 770m but now that you post this... im getting a bit scared...
  13. Ok, i´ve decided to buy the 770m CLEVO. After gettin the card, which steps should I follow ??? Thanx to this great community!!!
  14. and this one also... MSI GT70 0ND - Upgrading Video card - Guru3D.com Forums
  15. THIS is why i´m so scared too : https://forum-en.msi.com/index.php?topic=178728.0
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