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  1. Well good news for me. I got the 2 780m that I bought working in my m18x r1. By working I mean displaying video. I was on A05 locked and was unable to get it to post. All I got was a black screen with one beep. I installed the 580m back in. Updated to the A05 unlocked bios. Switched it to IGFX. Reinstalled both 780m and changed it back to PEG. I got video now so that's a big step in the right direction. Now if I can just get my modified INFs to work with this friggin beta driver Nvidia just released ill be in good shape.
  2. Did you get any beep codes on this?
  3. I just got some of the Antec Diamond based paste. It looks like it works pretty well so far.
  4. Did you ever test to see how much wattage you were drawing on this with the single 330w PS?
  5. Well Been signed up for awhile. I just got 2 780m for my 18x R1 but I am not having any luck. All I get is a blackscreen and one beep. I think I probably need to go to the unlocked bios. Alas I need to work up to my 5 posts first.
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