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  1. I already have a fast CPU and a SSD installed. Actually some of my friends that one way of improving the efficiency of a code is to define the size of the matrix first then fill it in with numbers instead of increasing the size of the matrix as the code iterates.
  2. Hey does anyone know how to disable hyper threading on the y510p? Do i go through the bios? I dont need to multitask i just want to give my matlab code more of my cpu. I have the an i7 in the 510p with 750n sli
  3. Has anyone bricked their laptop doing this? And if bricked could it be reversed?
  4. soutakux

    750m sli vs 660m

    Hey I as wondering if a 660m would outperform a 750m in sli?
  5. Hi I was wondering of anyone knew how to improve the performance of Matlab on my laptop. Im new to the site and have a 4th gen i7 on my lenovo 510p. When I run my code, Matlab seems to only use 20 percent of my cpu. Does anyone know if this is due to hyperthreaing or if its due to a restriction on Matlab itself?
  6. soutakux

    Anime discussion

    My favorite anime is probably yu yu hakusho but that is probably because it reminds me of my childhood. It definitely looks old but I like that.
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