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  1. I've also had more progress with 10.12.2 beta 2 - goalque's EFI utility now detects graphics cards plugged into the Razer Core. Unfortunately, that's as far as I can get (choosing to "Load OS X", or enabling "Warm restart" returns a "Not Supported" error - maybe this is a limitation of the demo?). automate-eGPU.sh still doesn't detect anything.
  2. I just installed Razer Synapse, the Razer GFX card switcher, and the Nvidia drivers - I didn't have to do anything special (and I suspect the Razer software isn't actually required). When I installed Windows 10, I noticed that the Intel thunderbolt software that's normally present wasn't installed. I installed a copy, but got an error when running it that "This application is not supported on Boot Camp. (Thunderbolt devices and networking will work correctly). I did notice that when I use the short passive cable that came with the core, the Core seems to power cycle itself a lot more on boot than with the active cable (they both work though). One last caveat is that while the Core will power the MBP, if you've got the Apple power brick plugged in (so that the MBP is drawing from that instead), Windows will blue screen if you unplug the power.
  3. I just got it to work in Windows 10. Roughly the same results in CUDA-Z as with the Spectre x360. This suggests it's a software issue, right?
  4. Tried today hooking up my 13" 2-port 2016 MBP via an active 40Gb/s TB3 cable - same results from system_profiler, "Up to 20 Gb/s x1". eGPU still not detected via EFI utility or anything else.
  5. Here are the results of CUDA-Z running on my Spectre x360 connected to my Razer Core. It also has two TB3 ports. Host-to-device is running at around 2200 MiB/s (more than TB2, less than NGFF.M2 ). I'm currently using the short passive cable (supposedly rated to 40Gb/s) that came with the core, but I ordered an active cable that I should get in for testing tomorrow night.
  6. This is a 13" with 2 TB ports. It's supposed to have full Thunderbolt 3 performance on both ports.
  7. That's right - no 40Gb/s string: $ system_profiler SPThunderboltDataType Thunderbolt: Thunderbolt Bus: Vendor Name: Apple Inc. Device Name: MacBook Pro UID: 0x0001493688391000 Route String: 0 Firmware Version: 10.8 Domain UUID: BD1095C8-4F85-6F58-8501-4CF402D77BC8 Port: Status: No device connected Link Status: 0x7 Speed: Up to 20 Gb/s x1 Current Link Width: 0x1 Receptacle: 1 Link Controller Firmware Version: 0.15.0 Port: Status: Device connected Link Status: 0x2 Speed: Up to 20 Gb/s x1 Current Link Width: 0x1 Receptacle: 18 Link Controller Firmware Version: 0.15.0 Core - Unsupported: Vendor Name: Razer Device Name: Core - Unsupported Vendor ID: 0x127 Device ID: 0x215 Device Revision: 0x1 UID: 0x80864F4090116110 Route String: 3 Firmware Version: 16.16
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