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  1. 1 from a future sales point of view 2 to maintain compatability, and ensure no issues with their products as people would be breaking their laptops constantly, then returning under warranty
  2. yea sometimes they get stuck after throttling, just logoff and back on...
  3. it sounds like your bios is skipping past your hdd and trying to boot pxe network hard drives. they are listed in the bios as options. try changing the boot order as booting on these laptops are getting quicker and quicker it might be missing the hdd. lol
  4. great work man! like the idea, kinda dissapointed that nobody has got hwinfo or speedfan to work though as id love to have more control cheers
  5. hi svl7, this is my first post here, admiring your work, but im wondering if it would be possible to just modify the whitelist and nothing else, as im sure id want to play with the new options but not wanting to ruin my laptop id rather there werent any other options...
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