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  1. so i took the computer apart and noticed by the heatsink and fan it was plugged solid of dust only a tiny opening for air to come out so i will now make cleaning it a priority once a month. also i did a repaste as well and things are going good so far. however when i took it apart i did have 3 beeps at the start up which dell says is a motherboard failure however i restarted it again and it has been working good ever since fingers crossed. but what a pain in the butt to get to the processor
  2. hello, so im going to start off with some heat problems i have been having i think. lately i have been getting the BSOD while playing Star Wars The Old Republic. a friend mentioned it could be caused from overheat as i can restart it and have no issues and play the game again. so im guessing it was due to overheat and no from virus or dropped the machine. currently when i play the game i noticed from coretemp it was running at nearly 87-96 degrees Celsius i figured that way too high. i was doing some reading and alot of people mentioned to turn turbo boost off. i just recently did that (have not tested game yet) i also read up it may be time to do a repaste. however im not experienced in it at all. i live in canada ontario near toronto and was wondering if anyone knows of somewhere i could pay to get it done. would dell send a tech to do it for me? i also am using a cooling pad however im not sure it works that well.. this is the cooling pad im using Nexxtech 10-17" Laptop Notebook Cooling Cooler Stand Pad Power by USB port 5 Lev on eBay! the fans sorta just aim at nothing on the bottom of the laptop... as for Star Wars The Old Republic im using one setting lower then optimized setting in geforce experience and in windowed so im wondering and looking for advice and what to do... to lower the cpu tempature. should i do a repaste? if so any ideas on where i could get one done? should i buy a new cooling pad one designed for this computer? also i noticed a little bit of dust on the fan and blew some of it off any tutorials on what to look for exactly? any alternative programs or settings i should do to help with keeping it cool? i also noticed it is most hot around the power button and top of keyboard it has an i5 processor sandy bridge second gen i belive thanks
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