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  1. I am using Matlab for my research for a year now.. I do agree that Matlab is not the best when it comes to High speed computing. But certain performance can be improved atleast a bit , it depends on what you are trying to do. Let me know.. And I'll try to help.. Sent from my GT-I9000 using Tapatalk
  2. Thank you Very much for this.. I was wondering on how to change backlit colours on Linux (Scientific Linux)
  3. Hi I found this forum, while searching for custom BIOS and VBIOS. But after visiting this forum, I've found lot more than that. It seems this is place for all Techno related stuffs. I would consider my self an intermediate in things elated technology. I would like to help people with what I know and also learn a lot from here.. Have a good day
  4. Hi Another good cooling paste is IC diamond, but I would never say if this or that is better. This is a contentious topic, it all depends on your personal preference and understanding.
  5. Chen

    Which GT60

    You can find infor about that in your bios, JUst at the start, as soon as you enter your bios , you will find it and I am pretty much sure, it 16F3
  6. I just got to know that one can upgrade their GPU'S, from reading this post. Thank you. I have a GT60 0NC.
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