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  1. Yep, too right 675mx kills the 580m/675m heat wise too! ill post some screens of vantage if ppl need to see performance of 675mx in sli in Alienware M18X R2, It's got me beat why Dell don't get rid of the 675m altogether and just replace it with 675mx, anyway looks like a 780m is coming my way for testing lol can't wait. The PR guy is a bit scared to release it in my hot little hands in case of a LEAK. (me leak, of course so!) Anyway Maxxender (picture added for your reference see my card type and bios to compare) did you try resetting your bios to defaults and try using the igpx switching, as mine is working no problems even on the new drivers 314.22 with the unlocked A10 bios. (need to personally thank svl7 for his continued hard work) Thank You!
  2. All cards in the M18X are seen as NVIDIA GTX regardless of model in the Bios. Switching to integrated graphics is done in the bios or on the fly with a Reboot required. My 675MX's are running in SLI MODE just fine with no problems, Only thing is you need to orginally modifiy the Nvidia inf file to install the driver apart from that all is well.
  3. Hi All, Newbie Just wanted to update fellow Asia/pacific users "quote from (Jimbo)" I just ordered one from Dell Australia sales no questions asked it was $40 dollars ETA 3 to 4 weeks Out of Stock. Happy to wait as im finding the stocker one pipe is shocking that came with my 2720qm. i'm hoping to upgrade in the future.
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