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  1. I'am currently waiting for my new e6540 notebook. It seems that i'll have version with EC. I'm close to make a decision to give eGPU a try. But there is one small problem : I have read in this forum that there is problem with disablig amd 6xxx dGPU in laptops. Is this problem solved anyhow ? or is there workaround ? I would appriciate a little help with below questions: 1.Is the PE4L-EC060A 2.1b best solution for me in perforformance aspects ? 2. What is the most powerfull gpu you would recomend taking EC interface limitations in consideration? I am thinking about 770gtx. Would it be a good choice ? 3. Will I be able to use nVidia optimus to use internal screen and compression ? (Or is this privilage only reserved for laptops with build in nvidia dgpu) 4. Does the PE4L-EC060A 2.1b support EC 54mm interface ? Thanks.
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