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  1. Just ordered the y500 bios already flashed with updated bios as a backup ($25 from biosdepot on ebay) and will take a break until then, 7 days of this frustration. If not, win 7 pro here i come...back, Thanks
  2. can delete to save server space:-)
  3. I went into Device Manager once again and from there Uninstalled the driver on the triangled out graphic card, once done, I decided to try yet again the lenovo bios download update from documents folder area. This time (2nd time) it allowed me too and showed both graphic cards and I entered "1" then enter and worked. Then ran the 2ndVGA_Winflash....file and it also gave me the 'y' option so did it and ran for about a minute. And at the very end it flashed quickly before closing 'flashing finished'. So, I rebooted as instructions says. Then reinstalled the latest graphic drivers and it showed the 2 650M's again and still NO enabled first graphic card and triangled out so disabled and re-enabled and gives the 31 error code that windows cannot load the drivers for it. Shouldn't the bios flash 'stick' and it may be a driver error? I removed few times with that DDU nvidia software and reinstalled but same stubborn issue:
  4. Can delete, not that helpful. Taking break at bios update to get SLI working and will report back with more helpful info soon..
  5. Well, I'm at my wits end. Never had such a problem or headache with a pc until win 8 and 8.1, no problems since 2004 on any of my macs. I'm Really looking at biting the bullet and going through the downgrade (upgrade in my mind) to Win 7 Pro. I have Win8.1 Pro and it is free to do just all the re-installing and tweaking again and lose the 16GB SSD. I guess I could remove it and make it work as a external drive or something. SLI seems to be fine on Win 7 and folks are happy with same pc and lot faster. My HP Probook with less memory and processor is way faster than win 8 pc. If you think you can help via remote connection, I will wait and pay you for the help. Again, the biggest thing to me and I am no pro at this, is windows say error 31 and disabling the 2nd graphic card and then in all the trys to re-flash and such, it says Unconfigured Display adapter for it. The time it seemed to flash was when I disable and re-enabled the graphic card in device manager and it stuck and said working then did the lenovo bios update files and seemed to work but after restart back in same situation. Thanks again!
  6. Thanks Florin, I will try the 2.04 update. Will look for it on here. Then try again. If not, I am totally open to do a remote desktop connection!! And again will pay you for your help! Chris
  7. I've up the pay for your time and help which I appreciate to $50 via paypal once I do what you say and it works. ( I'm not at your level of understanding:-) ). :-)
  8. Ok, Thanks so much for your time and help here!! I will move files to downloads or documents. Doing nvflash --protectoff it says Unconfigured Display Adapter every time: Will use nvflash version 5.128 as well. Will report back this evening or morning for sure! Thanks again!! Chris
  9. Hey Klem, thanks! Would I try that with each number separate or just as you wrote it? Will try later this evening when back home:-) Thanks!!!!
  10. This ignorant guy is Still running into the Unconfigured Display Adapter EEPROM Not Found... I did the USB Dos stick and booted to it and here are some pics of what happened. I'm so don't know how to get past this and get SLI working on my Y500 650M. 4 straight days and at my wits end. The $30 beer money still stands for someone to help me over this hurdle. I'm sure it is easy but I'm just overlooking it. Here are pics on what I was doing in the boot to usb stick. The flash update was the one from sendspace and update the nvflash and CWSP.. file with newer ones like another guy on here did and worked for him on same lenovo y500.
  11. Ok, read every page on this thread. I've been working on updating my bios via the official lenovo release update for my Lenovo y500 dual SLI 650M. But no luck and soooo frustrated. I have Titanfall and plays well I guess (I'm use to PS3) but want what I paid for and that is Dual graphic cards SLI to work in Win 8.1 Pro. I uninstall the latest nvidia cards and went back to default nvidia cards 307.64 as a few mentioned on the lenovo forums that worked for them for nvidia to see the 2 cards and allow the bios flash. Then you would update to latest (335 I believe after it worked). I've tried every way I found online to do. Have not tried to install to DOS USB stick and boot to it. Here are some images of what errors and stuff I've gotten to hopefully help you help me. And I WILL buy you some beers or whatever $30 bucks gets you via paypal for the help! My ignorant understanding this it is from the cmd prompt say Unconfigured Display adapter, etc. But don't know why? Thanks in advance for your time and help! Chris
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