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  1. Hi, Been continuing to tinker with modding my default vbios. Improving on successes albeit never going to join any elite club. Come across an interesting anomaly with some settings and wondered if anyone has experienced similar or could reason it. I have run the following three times each time starting the tests at the same temperature - 29C. At the following settings 900 core and 2400 mem Heaven4.0 reaches 84C and 3DMark11 reaches 77C. At 941 core and 2500 mem Heaven 4.0 reaches 81C and 3DMark11 reaches 75C. These results were the same on all runs with little exception. My deciding factor for running the 680M is of course a balance between performance and temps - not really wanting to stray too much into the mid 80C temps. Bit of a no brainer to leave it at the higher settings but wondered if anyone could shed any light on it? Regards GW
  2. Hi Has any work been done with MSI (1462) 2GB 680m Vbios? Looked through over 250 pages so far and searches only seem to show 4GB version. My Vbios is - looking for an edited Vbios - I have tweaked a copy of my original and has some limited success. Regards GW
  3. Hi All, I have windows 64bit 8.1 and was having problems with boot flashing vbios. Found a work around using Nvflash latest version for windows. It works well but you need to un-install the nvidia drivers first then restart then go to CMD prompt and flash using nvflash -6 *****.rom Reinstall drivers and that should work ok. Regards GW
  4. Hi, Firstly some games are coded badly, especially ports from other consoles an example would be Saints Row 4 which is a great game on the PC but being a port it really makes some graphics card hot - going to 90C easily when all graphics are on. I have the Medion Erazer 6825 and repasted the the Graphics chip with a good quality paste also tightened the cooler right down. I also have the back of the laptop raised up which greatly helps with air flow and cooling. With those two changes I got graphics temps down from 89c in Heaven 4.0 to 80C. Also better temps in gaming. Got to look at the whole thing though its a great laptop for the price but the CPU and the RAM are not top end. I am hoping to get about 7500 in 3Dmark11 which was where my cheap desktop 670 was. All the best GW Additionally, Do send svl7 a copy of your vbios he really is one of a group of excellent members here who seriously knows his stuff.
  5. Hi Labonator, I have the same card in my Medion but the 2GB version. It will happily run at 1050 core and 2500 memory 24/7 but It is always a balance, to run it at those clocks in for example Heaven 4.0 the temps are 81C and in 3Dmark11 77C. also my scores are pants with 7K in 3Dmark11 and 1078 in Heaven4.0 2X anti alias. I guess it boils down to the whole package - my CPU is a 3630QM and although I have 16GB ram it is only 1333mhz. I have only messed with the stock Vbios and upped the core and memory running on stock Vbios. Perhaps your answer to increased performance is in a different modded Vbios. Regards GW
  6. Hi, Been reading this thread for a couple of days into the wee hours. Probably ended up confusing myself. I have a 680M 2GB in a Meridon laptop. It is, according to Techpowerup a MSI card (1462) Vbios (P2051-503) To download one of the edited Vbios's here how close to the above spec do I need to be. I can see MSI 4GB Vbios's. Been playing the editing game and NvidiaInspector allows me to overclock. I have bee up to 1000 clock and 2500 memory with no artifacting and reasonable temps but considering the high numbers 3Dmark11 comes out at 7014 GPU. I admit to being a total newbie and have been Uber impressed by the mine of info and expertise here. Not looking to break records but to get the golden egg of best performance/framerates for 3d games without getting too hot and melting the card hehe. In a nutshell looking for some guidance on what edited Vbios I can safely flash. ta in advance. Regards GW
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