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  1. That's what I'm telling you how to fix. Fail to boot enough times and Windows will give you the option of rebooting in safe mode. Unless you mean safe mode fails to boot as well.
  2. You're going down the same path someone else did, so I'll copy paste the steps I told them to take: You need to install your iGPU drivers. Boot into Windows under safe mode with networking, check your device manager, and you should see your iGPU along with your dGPU, but the iGPU will have a generic name. Look up which iGPU corresponds with your MacBook model, then find and install the drivers. Be sure to run the iGPU switch batch file and restart, and you should be good. Then disable your dGPU along with the "HD audio device" associated with it, as well as "Intel Xeon... PCIe controller (x4) - 1909". Alt + Ctrl + Shift + Power enough times during Windows loading and eventually it'll tell you it's having trouble starting and give you an option to reboot in safe mode. After that, plug the eGPU in one second after launching the windows EFI, basically as soon as you see the windows 10 logo.
  3. I've done literally every test I can imagine, tried tons of different driver configurations, and changed which lanes and devices are disabled, but every time the scores are the same. Either I'm not getting full TB3 speeds - which I don't know how to check - or the CPU is actually what's been bottlenecking eGPU's this whole time. Either way, my final verdict is the new MBP's yield no additional performance for eGPU's. Not in Bootcamp anyway.
  4. Set the display settings to only show on my external, but if there's anything more I have to do other than going into Windows' display settings and changing that option then I haven't done it. afaik the Node uses what is effectively the same version of the Thunder3's PCB so there shouldn't be any performance difference. It's essentially just a pre-modified Thunder3 eGPU.
  5. Doing more testing. Actually playing games (Overwatch, Deus Ex: MD), the performance is identical to the 2015 15" MBP. Pretty disappointing.
  6. Haha, looks like the Node uses the exact PCB as the Thunder3 with an additional power cable. Guess there's not much point in getting one if you already have a Thunder3.
  7. Such as? I'm genuinely curious. All the new specs seem like marginal changes.
  8. On a flight out of town for a while so I won't be able to do any more testing, but the process was near identical to what's been documented so your odds are good. Pretty disappointed in the current results though.
  9. Yeah, most likely - as reflected in the physics scores. Only about a 4% improvement between the '15 and '16 CPU's. New MBP really isn't looking like a worthwhile upgrade.
  10. Good news and bad news. Good news is, it works. Bad news is, it performs almost identically to the T2/2015 MBP. T3/2016: http://www.3dmark.com/fs/10858865 T2/2015 (GPU is OCed): http://www.3dmark.com/fs/9999544 Soooo... Now what. I assume - and hope - I'm not taking full advantage of Thunderbolt 3. How can I verify that?
  11. Kind of an odd situation... I installed rEFInd, enabled the iGPU, disabled the dGPU, but was getting error code 12 on the 1080, so I tried disabling a few lanes/ports and restarting, and now the 1080 isn't detected. At all. Even after reenabling everything and plugging it in to different ports. Not sure what to do here. Edit: Fixed, uninstalled the root lanes and restarted. Back to error 12. Edit: MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  12. Only had a moment to plug in the Thunder3 + GTX 1080 to my 15" 2016 MBP in Bootcamp last night, but it was recognized in the device manager as a "Microsoft Display Adapter" without any steps taken other than powering on the Thunder3 then powering on the MBP. Haven't installed any additional drivers, didn't try hotplug, haven't done any EFI management yet.
  13. Received the high-spec 2016 15" MBP yesterday and I'm looking to test the Thunder3 with it. I made my own eGPU out of the Thunder2 for the 2015 15" MBP and I use it on a daily basis so I know what I'm doing when it comes to setup and maintenance, but I noticed the discussion about TB3 cables. Should I buy an active TB3 cable in addition to the Thunder3? If so, any recommendations?
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