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  1. Card installed and Windows all back up and running with no problems. Loving it so far, really quiet and cool. Played a bit of FC3 and it's unbelievably smooth with every setting maxed. I could almost hear it whisper "pfft, is that all you've got?" so I stuck on Metro LL bench with all bells and whistles ringing and brought the card to it's knees with a 9.2fps min... which is still better than the 8.6fps min with the 7950 I think the 780s max was about 94 though. I ran Valley too and impressive results there. Only 1 issue that's bothering me... my monitor is connected via HDMI, and my HDTV is connected via DVI>VGA Adapater at TV. On AMD I always used to get the BIOS screen (and BIOS itself) on the monitor, but now with the 780 it defaults to the TV. No apparent way to chance it in the BIOS either. Not a big issue as I'm rarely in the BIOS, just a bit of a pain if I ever do need to go into it when the TV is in other use. I'm also missing the ability to disable/enable display 2 from the system tray, but otherwise I like NV Control Panel a lot more than crappy CCC.
  2. Anyone else getting Invalid File ID when trying to use the downloads section?
  3. The name’s Lee, from somewhere cold in Scotland. Been into PC’s since since the early 90s. Current rig is in my signature.
  4. Hey folks. Another new member to the 780 Club. An EVGA 780 SC ACX should be arriving with me tomorrow. I'm upgrading from an Asus HD 7950 3GB DCII and this will be my first NVIDIA card since my old XFX 7900 GT
  5. Most of them are ugly, but I guess if you're temps are high enough that you need to consider aftermarket cooling then aesthetics are probably the least of your worries. Watercooled GPUs do look amazing though. Wish I had the time and knowledge to do a fully custom w/c rig!
  6. Assuming you're planning to building from scratch, here's a few things to make a list of... Intel or AMD for CPU? - Will help determine motherboard NVIDIA or AMD for GPU? - Personal preference here Single or dual/multi GPU? - May be determined by what resolution you want to play at Monitor size / resolution? - Are you happy with 1080p, or do you want 1440p, or even 4K in the future? Case size? - More space is better for airflow and allows greater component choice Have a think about that stuff and then you can start planning the complete build
  7. Another vote for the K model, otherwise looks like a solid build I also agree that mixing Intel CPUs and AMD GPUs makes no difference. Done it myself for years before recently switching to NVIDIA due to 780 price cuts being too tempting.
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