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  1. because you chose perfomance mode in nvidia control panel/manage 3d settings/global settings/power management mod..then gpu keeps itself base clock 1038mhz or whatever.. set it to adaptive mode..! thats all.. hi prema again.! one of my friend has just bought a new Clevo P650RE6 model..we want to know is there any custom bios and vbios available for this model? GPU and CPU both soldered in this model.. we are ready to donate for this..and attached a screenshot of gpu z, cpu z,nvidia inspector and hardware id below..pls take a look at that thnks
  2. have you flashed this one ? CLEVO_6GB_GTX970M-G_DM_OC_PM_v1.1.1
  3. happy new year man is there any custom vbios for gtx970m 6GB soldered version(non mxm)? i cant see it anywhere or is it impossible to make a custom vbios for soldered gpu's? thnks
  4. yeah but i have to wait prema's approval before flashing it.. i need to be sure.. and hey..you have a Clevo P770DM-G with gtx970m.. have you tried this one below ? CLEVO_6GB_GTX970M-G_DM_OC_PM_v1.1.1
  5. did you exactly read vbios file name " CLEVO_8GB_GTX980M-G_DM_OC_PM_v1.1.1 " ? it says GTX980M-G DM...
  6. hi again.. i ve just bought this notebook from here http://www.monsternotebook.com.tr/urun_detay.aspx?urn=478851&kat=6453&lang=tr-TR&stk=True&srt=AI#.VoRKnrRZrIU they(monster notebook) told me that its same with clevo P770DM-G... i realized that vbios of this gtx980m gysnc model starts throttling when gpu temp reaches 72C just like my older msi gt72 2qe..i ve been using prema custom vbios for msi nearly 1 year..but i see in the first post for vbios of my new model this --> "P77xDM-G (soon)" but on your official page i see you already made it ( https://biosmods.wordpress.com/gtx9-g/ ) Prema..if you need that original or stock vbios file i can send you mine.. or should i download this one " CLEVO_8GB_GTX980M-G_DM_OC_PM_v1.1.1 " from your official page ?
  7. hi prema..! i want to buy one of clevo notebooks and finally i found a local botique shop in Turkey named "Monster"..they told me they provide all the parts from clevo itself..and i found that all their notebooks are the same with clevo or sager only the name different "monster" in short i want to buy this model contains gtx970m 3gb version (in gpu z it says clevo kapok...) http://www.monsternotebook.com.tr/urun_detay.aspx?urn=477896&kat=6453&lang=tr-TR#.VoGc4PmLTIU so have you got a modded vbios for this 3GB GTX970M or if i send you that vbios backup after purchase would you like to make a custom vbios ? one more thing is it compatible to use famous gamenabs gsync driver with gtx970m 3gb or 6gb ? or is it only compatible with gtx980m ?
  8. Thanks dude this is what I seek for from the beginning..after flashing svl7's custom bios mod temps goes crazy because of OC..But isn't there a way to make it continuously work without cycles which makes temps slowly got higher but after 30 minutes of 3dmark14 firestrike graphical test 2 with normal settings in loop my max gpu temps gpu1:84C and gpu2:86C pretty awesome than without ideafan script.. My oc values: Gpu 1+ 2 oc =1218mhz Mem=5800mhz and +0.37.5mV and thanks again
  9. Ok i flashed the modded bios with vbios and wanna share my thoughts.. I APPRECIATED the modded bios with custom modded vbios so much..Thanks SVL7 but with new configurations after 3 hours benchmark testing i found the best stabil GPU and MEM clocks +160mhz on core = 1218mhz +400mhz mem over core = 2900mhz or 5800mhz +37.5mV voltage BEYOND above values gpu is getting tooo hot under %99 load in 5 minutes and breaks 90C and above..especially with a combination of cpu at the same time gpu is getting easily too hot..because the left side fan cools both cpu and gpu together...but there is something very ridiculos thing i dont understand from the beginning..there is a built in DUST REMOVER thing in energy management software..when you start it both fans getting reach their topspeed..but in real time working all hardware is getting too hot under fullstress, cpu is near 98-99C and GPU is 90C but both fans working minimum %50 slower than when using dust remover program ???? because they can work faster we see it in dust remover Is there any way to get them work continuously in its FULLSPEED just like when in dust removing or is there any option in the modded bios or SVL7 could make a new EC firmware about this??
  10. Omg..i should have been drunk and ..! thanks dude
  11. BiosFixer 2.0 DOESNT WORK....! I decided to use your modded bios for y510p 750M SLI version..after successfully updated to bios 3.05 from 2.07 and took a backup of new 3.05 bios then when I simply drag and drop bios backup file on BiosFixer_2.0.exe just a small windows pops out but there is neither a button nor a browse thing in there..? and when I close it nothing created in the same folder as it should be "v305mod.bin" just look at my picture uploaded.. and I also disconnected the second gpu from the bay but it doesn't work again and I cant go back or downgrade to official 2.07 bios even though Bios Back Flash is ENABLED in bios and when I run this "Y510p-Y410p_v207_[stock].exe" with ADMIN priviligies says "Bios version compare error"... WT:Banane56: ?
  12. 2 months have passed and still there is no update any vbios mod...although there are so many FEEDBACKS written here..!
  13. i approved that new 347.88 driver is overclockable as before ..! MSI GT72 GTX980M so NaughtyVidia dont such a thing naughty again ..! NaughtyVidia let this thing is your new motto as below; It's meant to be OVERCLOCKED ..! Maybe they tried to make new profit strategies in the future as below; 1080m stock 600$ 1080m oc 700$ 1080M ti OC 750$ JUST LIKE IN DESKTOP GPU MODELS... NaughtyVIDIA If you try to do something like this Im gonna you ..!
  14. I can agree with silicon lottery but although I used max voltage 1.2V it crashed and freezed and now I DOWNLOADED THE LATEST NVIDIA DRIVER 345.20 AND SHOCKED You can do OVERCLOCK as before and there is no RESTRICTION...!
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