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  1. Use nv_dispi.inf instead, from here (already modded).


    - Download latest drivers

    - Extract driver 7-Zip/winrar

    - Display.Driver folder -> open nvdmi.inf (notepad) CTRL+H -> Find What: 05AE Replace With: 0490 -> Hit 'Replace All' -> Save.

    - Extracted driver package -> run setup exe.

    thanks j95[emoji4]

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  2. PEG MODs Update:

    GeForce 353.00 PEG MOD Win7/8.1 Profiles update: Full_Profiles_5_v353.00.txt (no need to reinstall drivers).

    • NV Inspector -> Driver Profile Settings -> Import User Defined Profiles -> Import (replace) all driver profiles (Nvidia text format) -> Full_Profiles_5_v353.00.txt
    • NV Inspector -> restore current profile to Nvidia defaults -> reboot
    • NVCPL -> Manage 3D settings -> Set High Performance...etc.

    352.84 PEG MOD Win10, Profiles update: Full_Profiles_2_352.84.txt (no need to reinstall drivers).


    - - - Updated - - -

    GeForce 359.06 WHQL

    • Just Cause 3
    • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege
      *Install drivers at your own risk* Windows 10 + GeForce Drivers are Killing Samsung and LG Notebook LCD Display Panels
    • Uninstall both PrecisionX & MSI Afterburner (Keep RTSS) including screen overclocking tools *Still at risk*
    • Win10/8.1 'F8' Boot options 'Safe Mode' & 'Disable driver Signing'
      cmd (Admin)
      bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy

      -> reboot -> F8 -> select 'Disable Driver Signature Enforcement' -> Install drivers.

    • Extract driver using 7-Zip
    • Display.Driver folder -> copy/overwrite the proper .inf file
    • Extracted driver package -> run setup.exe
      INF MOD v359.06

      nv_dispi.inf (including nvdmi.inf) PEG/Dedicated All Models: M15x, M17x, AW17 R1, M18x, AW18 R1 (including Optimus/M17xR4) excluding AW 2015 - GTX 980M , 970M , 965M , 880M , 870M , 860M , 780M , 770M , 765M , 680M , 675MX , 670MX , 660M

      nvcvi.inf: Optimus Alienware 17 / 05AA (only) GTX 980M - 970M - 965M

      GeForce 359.06 WHQL Win7/8.1
      GeForce 359.06 WHQL Win10

    J95 how can i make this modded inf file, i have an alienware m17x r3 , nvidia gtx 780m, what software will i use? thanks

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  3. More difficult to explain that to actually do, I mod my own. Essentially, you have to find the correct inf file for your machine within the nvidia driver folders once you have unpacked/extracted the drivers from the downloaded file (you can do this by downloading the driver from NVidia, running the program as you normally would to install the drivers, and then pressing the cancel button once installation starts - the drivers will remain unpacked on your system at C:\NVidia). For example, Dell laptops have the the config files in an inf file called nvdmi.inf. I open up that file using notepad and replace all M17xR4 680M strings (%NVIDIA_DEV.11A0.0551.1028%......PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_11A0&SUBSYS_05511028) with the hardware strings related to my M17xR3 with 670MX (%NVIDIA_DEV.11A1.0490.1028%......PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_11A1&SUBSYS_04901028). You can find your hardware strings in Device Manager. I choose a similar system and 'similar' GPU to mine to replace the strings because I figured it would reference the installation of the correct driver 'Sections'. There's also a section (at the end of the file) where you have to add the name of your GPU to your corresponding hardware string (NVIDIA_DEV.11A1.0490.1028= "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670MX "). All in all lot easier to do than to explain!!

    (Tip: have a look at the weird numbers and letters in the strings, there's a pattern and logic there that relates to the system & GPU model you own).

    ok thanks for the reply.i will try it myself :)

  4. If you are thinking of just replacing the panel, I wouldn't recommend it. The LCD is bonded with tape on the glass. Its hard to remove without cracking the glass and far as i know, nobody sells just the glass. However, you can buy the assembly which is very easy to swap out.

    or maybe you know how to remove the back cover of the lcd?

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