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  1. You know, I really hate myself, I do. I swore to myself this time, "don't fall for NVIDIAs shit, you can resist the temptation of Titan X". So I held out, bought a 1080 thinking "ok I got this!". What helped even more was it was constantly out of stock on their website. So tonight I just check it for shits and giggles and what do you know, it's in stock. My finger starts twitching and I'm thinking, "oh fuck no you aren't!" and the next thing I know, I'm at the checkout process w/next day shipping. God damn you NVIDIA! I know in a few months I'll look back on this post and think, "damn I'm an idiot" but what the hell.


    Update a day later (today):

    It arrived this afternoon and it's definitely an impressive card. My biggest gripe is I have to set the fan to 90% when its boosting to 2 ghz in order to keep it from going above 80c. Since I game with headphones on, that's not a big deal for me. In overwatch with the gtx 1080 @ 2.05 ghz and 1440p max settings I wasn't able to get above 90-95 fps. This card stays in the 130-144 fps range which is perfect for my display. 


    Pics: https://m.imgur.com/a/y58A5


    Water cool it!

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  2. Hi, dont know if this is in the right forum but i want to get the 980m in sli for my m18x r2 and im wondering shall i wait for it to fall in price because the new mobile pascal just released? i still see 980m laptops being sold for same price and pre-purchase 1060m thats insane. any new would be good though.

    New or New Old Stock will not fall in price. 980M on the used market did fall in price a bit. Then people found that there was no upgrade path to Pascal and the prices have remained pretty solid.

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  3. Holy smokes the forums are on fire today!


    I am not sure what I am looking at.  Going to take a while to digest it all.   Funny thing is I was playing on y M18x R2 with 680M SLI and thinking about Pascal.  It does not look like it will get a 1080M upgrade, correct?

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  4. Yes! Thanks for asking. I bought a brand new motherboard from China. It arrived in 4 days in perfect condition. Installed it and it works perfectly again. Very happy indeed. Really didn't want to have to buy a new PC.

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    I recently bought two of these laptops from ebay, both with GT 240M.

    One was in decent shape, no hard drive, dead battery, and a 1600 x 900 screen (didn't know about the screen resolution until after).

    The other had a hard drive, 1080 screen, dead battery, trouble booting. I have determined that the motherboard is bad. I have a used one on the way from China.

    I found that replacing the i7 620M with a 920XM makes a HUGE difference. I was getting 15 fps in CS:GO on the lowest settings at 1600 x 900. Now I get 35+ fps on the highest settings.

    I already had a Viking 128GB SSD laying around. Even that relatively crappy SSD makes the machine very snappy.

    Thanks for your update! [emoji12] [emoji3] [emoji12]

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  5. I am gonna wait and see. I have an M18x R2 on the way in a couple of weeks, but it already has 680m SLI that I can play with for a while.

    IF this does turn out to be true, I am still gonna wait and see. Not really interested in being an early adopter with the recent Windows 10/nVidia fiasco. I also remember when everyone was chomping at the bit for the 880m and it turned out to be kind a non-event.

    well thats sure true but... als we can see in the alienware laptops they put weak soldered cpus in the laptops.

    there is no more mobile extreme cpus like my 3920xm which can do 4.4 or more ghz in gaming if needed.

    so we need machines like the clevo with desktop cpu...but imho if u have such a machine for example with the 980m with a little OC the benefit of an egpu setup with alle the problems, plus with the additional case and the additional screen the benefit is too small, it can be 30 maybe 50% more gpu power, but it costs so much money, 700€ for 980ti, 200+€ for case tb-cable ...additional screen after u already payed 2000+€ on an laptop

    i always wanted a egpu setup, like 4or 3 years ago, nowadays since it is finally usable it lost its attractiveness.

    I hear you. Last night I was on the Mechwarrior Online forums looking for performance info on 680m SLI. One thread had a whole gang of people bashing all over laptops for gaming. They really have no idea how much power these things can have. Hell, my P170SM-A with an 880m has more punch than ANY of the systems my son's friends own. It's not like every gamer has bleeding edge tech to play with. My son has a XPS 15 with a GT 640m. He still cleans my clock when we go head to head. Sometimes he is only getting 20 FPS.

  6. I was referring to his original point about his battery being at 64% wear after 1 year XD.

    I know about you and your 840 Evo issues. I've tried so hard to get people to buy things OTHER than that XD

    Yes you were. Sorry for my confusion brother. :)

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