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  1. Tomb Raider is good, but its very short. I only managed to get into the multiplayer once, and don't know what thats like. Assassins creed 4 is really good though. I have over 100 hours played on it. Total war used to be good, but after Rome 2: total war, i'm not impressed at all. Probably the worst game of the century.
  2. I had problems with usb on my Lenovo Y500, but after I went in to power settings and disables usb selective suspend, I don't have these problems anymore. My mouse mainly would not work after waking from sleep.
  3. wow this is a really old thread. Assassins creed 4 though is a great game. Similar to tomb raider(kinda). It also has the best multiplayer experience ever.
  4. USB cables are extremely cheap, and thunderbolt cables are expensive. Besides the latest usb cables can handle most of what we need. You don't need a thunderbolt cable for transferring files.
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