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  1. Hey guys, the names Jeff. I'm from the US and currently a pharmacy student with an unhealthy passion for technology. LoL I probably shouldn't be so into computers/gaming while in a professional program, but once you start, it's hard to stop. The reason I came to join this forum was to 1. Unlock my Lenovo y500 and 2. try to contribute something back to a community that is so generous in helping out others. I don't think it's right for a company to lock down a computer like they have. I understand the reasoning behind it, but once we purchase something, we should be able to do with it as we please. If I want to overclock my processor to 460 Ghz and apply enough voltage to my computer that it causes the grid to go down, by God I should be able to do it! Haha jk. Anyway, nice to meet you all. I hope I can be helpful and avoid forum rule infractions Please be gentle!
  2. My Lenovo gets up to about 86 degrees celsius when I am gaming. I suggest grabbing yourself a quality cooling pad. Drops it a little under 10 degrees celsius and prevents third degree burns to your legs LoL
  3. The Cooler Master Notepal x3 is really nice. Giant fan and pretty quiet. It'll put you back about 30 dollars, but I say it's worth it. Especially for a heat generating beast like a Lenovo y500.
  4. I apologize, Angerthosenear. I didn't read the fine print and I really wasn't trying to complain. The rules are fair and I will be sure to abide by them.
  5. Really appreciate the write up man. Always love write ups with pictures especially when disassembly is involved
  6. Is the 7260 AC a lot better than the factor card?
  7. I can't provide a solution to the charging problem, but in terms of lagging games, the power profile for the computer when it's not plugged in really limits your GPU's ability. Make sure that the computer is charging when you play games or change the power profile. Also, makes sure you have your profile on "high performance" when plugged in while you're gaming.
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