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  1. This is the part i failed 4.) Then you are going to want to follow the instructions by svl7 (the second method, DOS flashing) and grab the rest of the files here: [M18x R2] - 'unlocked' BIOS versions 2 Weeks i am trying to flash that vbios - I got an usb key - I run HP exe, than i created the usb bootable with the files Win98 - I copie and past all files on the roof Then i reboot It's a black screen with : Microsoft Windows 98 and C:\> What i am suppose to do now Please help
  2. I followed the Second possibility Flash from DOS Is it correct, like this : image 1 http://img11.hostingpics.net/pics/722409disk1.png image 2 http://img11.hostingpics.net/pics/897262disk2.png The path is correct or not ? please help me The roof is correct ? Thanks a lot
  3. excuse me, but the programe to flash the usb said Win98_files, i am running my laptop on Win 7 ? does it works ?
  4. so what can i do to boost this graphic card ?
  5. i do my workout in my house i don't need to go to the gym reps, abdo... i don't try to be a hero
  6. i am a big fan of versus fighting games. KOF XIII is old but still fun
  7. I tried the beta and seriously i don't like to play with bots. But the game is pretty cool. If you like CoD, sure you like this one
  8. Hello guys, I am Captain_Kidd, i am from france i am passionate by laptops, i just bought an alienware m14xr2 i hope to make some friends here
  9. Is it the best card for a 14" laptop ? I just bought a laptop alienware M14xR2, and i am wondering if the graphic card GT 650m, by nvidia, can run newest games from this year
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