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  1. Actually there is only so much u can do to a card... if u want top notch performance, I think you should go for M17 or M18. M14 Is somewhere in between
  2. Dear all, I have those options on my M14xR2 and M14 . On the M14xR2 Its defaulted to RAID. And M14 to AHCI. What are the differences between those settings?
  3. Hey buddy, I thought dell discontinued m14xr2 and Introduced m14 with gtx765m. GT650M Is a decent card. I think it will run newer games at decent settings. But definately not thw highest. Gtx765m is not much better i believe.
  4. Now I got more problems.. my onboard ethernet card wasnt detected. Integrated graphic and dedicated gpu sometimes wasnt detected... laptop screen blackouts randomly for a few seconds. Could this Imply a mother board issue?
  5. Dear All, I just bought an Alienware m14 with Bios A07 pre-installed from DELL. I am unable to boot up the laptop sometimes. I hear 7 beeps. I have to keep trying until the laptop boots. When playing DOTA2 , every few minutes, the computer totally freeze for 2-3 seconds, then resume to normal. any idea what might be wrong? and any solutions?
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