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    no EC Firmware in arhive
  1. hi. help who has a vbios on the graphics card gtx670mx clevo unlocked core?
  2. 18 r2 support maxwell, maybe your lcd is lvds, but need eDP lcd
  3. Hi people. I looking for unlocked vbios for gtx670mx clevo for overclocking my old p370em. I find vbios on this site - kepler bios mod but i can't download it. No access. Maybe whose help me please download for me only OC vbios 670mx. Thanks
  4. hi. i really need a BIOS for the Clevo p370em laptop video card with the gtx670mx graphics card. I found that it on this site but I do not have access to download. can someone have access to download and share this bios for me. I will be very grateful. I want to overclock 2 old video cards. standard only +135 MHz, can be accelerated to + 300-400 MHz.i need only clevo gtx670mx 3 gb.Thanks for any help.
  5. hi. i have buy video card gtx 470m clevo, on msi gt 780dx. this card does not work -black screen, not startup. may have vbios gtx470m from msi?
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