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  1. I've played the first 2 versions too, and so on were very excited abut a new one. While the release was way later then I've expected, my expectations were fully satisfied. Still I miss the "underwater" feeling, but this will also soon be fulfilled as the new DLC will be playing again underwater
  2. Hi, to be honest, I don't like BF4 much - its just an upgraded version for BF3 and you can simply feel the pressure that has been laid down on the gaming studio. As EA noticed how successful this brand could/would be, they realized they would just have to do the same with Need for speed an all other former, great games - ruin it. I rather stick to BF2
  3. Hello, I'm new here - and instantly saw that category so I thought I should post something here as I had several acer laptops too. Acer is simple said a company, that produces low-quality laptops and offers on the same side, low quality support. Thats why I would never buy again anything from this company. The support is just lame, even if you have an exact description of your problem, a detailed document from a prof. technician about certain problems. They will just try to deny everything. I bought my first Acer laptop for approximately 2000€ - 5 days after the warranty ran out, the laptops iGPU said goodbye. I googled a little bit and found out, that this geforce generation consisted of low quality parts, resulting in defect graphic chips. While even Nvidia had an official statement regarding this, and offered compensation to the suppliers, acer still denied everything. Never again.
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