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  1. Is there a way to go back to the default dell bios? I have A16 and vbios from olehkh. If i install A11 mod from svl7 will it work? Or i'm stuck at A16 ? I'm curios what will happen if i flash the A11 mod from slv7. Brick?
  2. Tried several times to access the FAN control. No luck. I guess it can't be done.
  3. Hello. I did a bit of research before posting but i'm still a bit confused. I came across this : PE4H ( PCIe passive adapter ver2.4 ) I know my 7720 doesn't have an ExpressCard slot, but i'm willing to take out the wifi adapter. This is where i get confused. What is the difference between EC2C adapter and PM3N adapter. I think my laptop needs PM3N , not EC2C. Am I wrong? Or i can use EC2C? Not really sure how it works. Or, can you recommend a setup for my 7720? Is PE4H a good choice, or do i need something else? I'm planning on using a GTX560 TI or a GTX660 on it Also, could we use a full size motherboard instead of the PE4H Adapter? (Do we have a slot to connect the PCIEMM-060A or B onto a Full size motherboard? Or that port is specific to the PE4x adapters?
  4. Okay. Got that. But it should work on Dell 17R 7720 in the Wifi slot, right? it doesn't have a native ExpressCard slot.
  5. I've seen some ExpressCard Adapters that go into the USB ports ( 2x 3.0) If i get one of those for my Dell SE 7720, can i leave the Wireless card in? Or it doesn't work through usb?
  6. Unfortunately the GT650M is stuck to the motherboard. I was looking into an upgrade with an MXM3 card. But apparently, it can't be done
  7. I'm curios if buying a more powerful AC Adapter, more than 125w will help the laptop while full load. I mean with GPU overclocked and CPU always at 3.1 GHZ
  8. i installed 7720_A16_MSR_0xE2_unlock_menu_GPU_865 from Olehkh and it still downclocks or stays stuck at 745.
  9. I don't think that the battery can provide the requested ammount of power to keep the laptop at full speed. So it decreases frequencies for CPU/GPU.
  10. I also tried SpeedFan and it does not work. I think i'm having a problem with a temperature sensor on the motherboard.In everest, whenever the temperature changes, the whole laptop freezes for a second
  11. Can someone tell me what are their maximum temperatures for CPU/GPU?While heavy gaming i mean
  12. I'm having the same problem with my Dell 7720. I have the 3610QM processor. I will try the russian mod tonight.
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