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  1. signed, never really got to play as an old crt fell on my ps3 . plus i wanna have mods, icenhancer might actually work with this as they both run on the rage eingine... but it is not likley, and will need several tweaks. regardless enb injectors alone will make the game look closer to the new gen games that followed it
  2. ChronicEel93

    The Division

    looks great for me, i just hope ubisoft does not gimp the pc port.... again... the game mechanics look cool but i hpoe it also has an offline mode, would also hurt the company if they decide to go always online ( simcity, never another simcity ). public outcry may end up yelling drm but then again, with simcity it really WAS and the always online component just severely crippled the game for many users. if implemented right it may not cause that much of an outcry and it would just be a lout minority, plus it can be fun and a good thing if implemented and marketed right. other than that, as an e3 reveil title it is probably hyped up a bit so don't get your hopes up like most did with watch dogs and countless games before. regardless ubisoft has been known to make enjoyable games and i hope they do not start letting us down, they can seriously mess this up, but its a good idea and could be a great game if done right.
  3. i seem to be lucky, i have managed to heap over 200 different (and probably conflicting) mods including mesh altering texture replacing and game tweaking mods like no tomorrow and an enb preset and it still runs. without save corruptions and crashes are a thing of the past... anyone else manage this?
  4. i cannot help you there but if you are subscribed to a lot of mods in workshop it may freeze while checking over game files. my laptop freezes for about 5 mins on start-up and reads through about 30 gigs of mods (i need help ) and then starts up with almost no problems. if all else fails try checking the integrity of the file cache in steam and if THAT does not work delete local content and download again, and if that does not work, use a program like revo uninstaller to uninstall all games you have using the source engine, uninstalling directx .net and c++, reinstall your graphics drivers and re download garrys mod " without HL2, portal and TF2" and run it without mods (unsubscribe to all workshop content) and if that does not work... either give up or re-install your OS and if that does not work... sorry? there is not really much else to do
  5. got a few demos running on my laptop, recorded the elemental demo with shadowplay, upped to YouTube (witch stutters for some reason..)
  6. ChronicEel93

    Gtav on pc

    Can't wait for it to come out, my ps3 died ( a crt fell on it) last year before i could get my hands on it when it comes out on the pc it will be my first time playing it ever... worth the wait i think!
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