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  1. I go for the Samsung Evo 840 too, the performance boost in writing data for the Samsung pro isnt worth it, the Pro is too expensive
  2. You have already changed the Notebook Display and the Graphic Card, Display Cable changed too? After checking this only the Mainboard is left and you have a defect here
  3. Someone have already tested a 970m or 980m? With R4 or R3 ?
  4. I have found my failure, the 7970m is dead . My old 6990m is working fine. Try to get a Nvidia 680m now!
  5. Hello, i need Help to get my 7970m work on Windows 8.1 it seems like only the IGPU is working, FN+F7 isnt working too . Which driver should i use? Most drivers from the Dell site ends with the massage: Application Install: install package failure! Thank you for your Help
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