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  1. Using the MX-4 in my M15x. Works great and most importantly spreads easily as well as being easy to remove.
  2. I'm currently using a 7970M and I can say that the power limiting issue of the 7970M has been solved by slowly loading the GPU prior gaming and jump straight into it after that. No throttling even when overclocked and overvolted.
  3. HD7970m Installed into the M15X, with Windows 8 Pro 64-bit. EDIT: Just tried out the new 13.2 Drivers, brightness control gone again. :/
  4. A 150W PSU should be just right for a GTX560M and a 920XM as the MOBO is limited to a maximum of a 150W draw. Having a higher power supply would only make the psu run cooler and doesn't necessarily mean it would allow for a higher power draw.
  5. Hello there, I just did a system refresh with the Windows 8 disc and installed the 1.31 WHQL driver right after. Brightness controls seems to be working.
  6. Hello there svl7, can you kindly provide me with a 0.925v of the Dell vbios for the 7970m? I can't seem to find anything lower than 0.95v in the vbios pack and I'm trying to fix a throttling issue which occurs every time I OC my processor. I'm using a M15x with a 920XM.
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