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  1. a day ago, I read on a post in the Lenovo forum to update the bios on the 750m to support SLI for windows 8.1 and drivers beyond 335.xx or so. Doing that, I turned off the computer, pulled out my SLI bay and turned it on. then all hell broke loose when I tried to perform a clean install of 355 game ready drivers. as soon as I turned on the computer, it said there wasn't a nvidia video card installed by there was in fact one soldered onboard. device manager shows nothing even after a restart and all I'm left with is the crappy igpu intel 4600hd. any help please? can't RMA cus I picked it up from America and took it apart as well removing the sticker. yes, pretty stupid.
  2. I veto OP for 4gb ram and a six core, as if he isn't playing some intense games while watching YouTube or tabbing to another game, 4gb of ram is usually more than enough. If you want to really compromise for price, decent FX, apu, or phenom 2 quad core (not really sure which ones am3+ supports). 3gb of ram is usually quite a decent amount for a smooth running system with medium requirements, as seen by the choice of video card and motherboard. A single chip of 2gb lasts a while too, with space for more upgrades and such. The stock cooler, as already said, is cool. All this should be able to result in more money to be able to be spent on something useful like a decent 2nd hard drive, better motherboard, or even SLI on the spot.
  3. for the fact that it is an unlocked bios mod, I would put my money on yes, it definitely would support tuning without making your computer a 1200$ brick.
  4. really it depends on what you want to do with the laptop. If you want lightweight portability, the x1 is pretty light and can handle quite a bit of data, whilst the x220 is a pretty great all rounder with more than what you need. If you need raw performance to last and don't mind about the weight or the wireless card quality, the y510p is an excellent choice, especially with the aluminum backing and palmrests.
  5. I was also pretty disappointed to find that none of my 5 WLAN cards work for the y510p and I'm still trying to get this laptop to work in my schools 5ghz internet
  6. do that or if you are willing to, cut a hole right under the fan; this allows for cool air to be drawn in easier. Also check thatt you have all overclocking software turned off because that is most of the time the when a game is unstable.
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