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  1. I second this - maybe a modded driver? Or is it simply impossible with Optimus running?
  2. genekellyjr

    install MacOSX

    Hackintosh Instructions, Hackintosh How To Guides: Hackintosh.com Go down the rabbit hole and see! A quick google makes it sound like it's totally possible. Found one site with a guy saying "I made Hackintoshes out of HP's, Samsung's, ASUS's...." so it might be. 750M is in the Macs too, which will def help.
  3. I've got a Y410p with v1.07 of the BIOS, and a couple of questions: 1. I see there are newer versions of the BIOS available (v2.xx and v3.xx). Are these required for SLI? (Thinking of getting SLI going sometime soon.) 2. Can I put on the modded BIOS v1.07 now and then upgrade to v2.xx later for SLI support (and then mod that BIOS)? (I have a new wireless card for it now.) Thanks!
  4. I've had several laptop coolers, and they last about 2 years. The fan's bearings go and it makes a nasty sound. They also suck, with a measly 5V USB powered fan. I got a Cooler Master fan with a big center fan, and it got me thinking there's got to be more. I made one with two 200mm Cooler Master fans ( COOLER MASTER Megaflow 200 R4-LUS-07AR-GP Case Fan - Newegg.com ). And wood. It's sized for a 15" laptop, as it was originally for my old HP Firebreather. Shmexy Fan - Imgur for pictures. This keeps my Y410P cool (75C on GPU, 85C CPU under artificial full loads of wPrime + Heaven with components OC'd). Uses 2 200mm fans, a 12 V, 1 A DC power supply, and a fan power splitter cable to connect the fans to the DC power supply. The fans run at full tilt, but are completely silent. There's no need for speed control. They do glow red, I'd cut the LED wires if I wanted it to not glow red. I made a lower profile version for my cousin, but I don't got pictures of it. It was about as thick as the 200mm fans and meant to be used in your lap like a regular laptop cooler. Used thick metal mesh to keep stuff out of the fans. Basically, make a bitchin cooler out of giant fans and you can't go wrong! Costs about 40 bucks when you get the 200mm fans on sale for $10 a piece.
  5. I will say I had an HP DV6 with a X920 and a 5650M in it, and it ran hot (90-95 C) consistently during gaming. I gamed a fair amount. The laptop lasted 3 years before the mobo (probably the GPU) had issues. I baked it and it worked, for about 6 months. Then I had to bake it again. 3 months, then I had to bake it again. I got a new laptop since it seemed to be following an exponential curve to death. The laptop lasted 3 months under 4 years at those temperatures. But, it was an HP. Depends how much your manufacturer cut corners on the mobo components. Friends' Macbook Pro runs just as hot regularly and has never had an issue for 6 years now.
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