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  1. lol good idea! I need an actual "desk," mine is a foldable card table at the moment. It's pretty darn sturdy, though. I used to have a CRT tube monitor on there. Now there's a permanent circular indentation in the top. Sometimes I'll prop it up on my old floppy disk container (which is still being used 25 years later)
  2. I need a new cooling pad. I keep reusing my m11x's itty bitty rocketfish netbook pad but the footprint is just too darn small for the m14x. I've been using my wallet (physically) to avoid using my "wallet" - I prop it up in front so the base of the pad is flush with that of the m14x. Then I just position the fan under the vent by mounting it on a different area. The redneck solution involves tape, but I'm not that desparate. My fan usually won't kick into high gear unless I leave it on my bed or have been playing something like Metro 2033.
  3. I may try this later on after my R2's warranty expires. My hard drive is down to a meager 250GB left...darn you Steam sales!
  4. I've never had a GPU die on me. I had the fan on my old GeForce FX 5900 XT give out years back, but I sandwiched that in a Giant Thermaltake heatpipe kit. Now it performs like my car- flashy, unique, stands out; but terrible, outdated performance. I've "Monty Python'ed" some Voodoo cards- I have 1, 2, 5! (Three sir!) I should install that V1 in my Dos machine. Play some Carmageddon on it or Tomb Raider. - - - Updated - - - er, not to go off topic, mods. *cough* Yeah! That m11x is still in pieces! I'm so lazy...gotta fix that thing.
  5. I just put on my headphones and turn up the bass. Then I can FUS RO DAH loudly.
  6. lol freezing my hard drive, now that's an interesting thought. I heard you can "bake" your dead graphics card too. I'm still attempting to find a HM640JJ board for my Samsung Spinpoint, but the ones I've found are labeled "Momentus." Not to be confused with Seagate's hybrid "Momentus," I take it? There was a nearly identical, refurbished drive for sale on ebay that may match my bios on the disk's control board, but the seller wanted nearly $130 for it. I could buy a brand new one for that price. *facepalm* Hindsight is always 20/20, as Dave Mustaine says. I've got Dropbox on my desktop computer at my job, I should definitely link it with my home laptop! I've just used it for a few work-related documents.
  7. lol I've given serious thought with the idea of calling Dell and extending my warranty on the m14x. It's still good for a year, but after what happened to the m11x...that's an expensive loss. I finally found a Seagate Constellation that was on sale, but the z-clearance height is 14-15mm...not gonna fit. Looks like the best I can do is 750GB at 9mm. m11x= DeLorean after being hit by a train in Back to the Future 3 m14x= Time travelling locomotive (It runs on STEAM! hahaha)
  8. Hard drive from the m11x also died, Samsung Spinpoint HM640JJ giving me the beeps of death nooooo...all my pictures of my newborn son are on there! And- my Skyrim saves. (I'm more worried about my kid's photos.) I'm gonna try a logic board swap on that. Right now my main priority is rebuilding the m11x.
  9. Too bad there's not a separate slot or interface to put a Renesas controller in, like in a desktop platform. I guess that's one disadvantage to a laptop- there's no PCI card slot. As old as the format is, I wish we had some kind of PCMCIA bus solution for add-ins. But I guess that would defeat the purpose of high speed USB 3.0 wouldn't it?
  10. Hey there chmod1337, thanks for your input! I really do want to stick with the 7200RPM drive. I pulled my original Samsung Spinpoint 640GB from my m11x last night only to discover not only is my older laptop dead, but the hard drive as well. I could actually install a second drive in an optical caddy, as I have a DVD-RW external usb writer. It just seemed like a little too much trouble, especially after I've been tearing apart my m11x to rebuild it with a new motherboard. I also read about the long access delay times you mentioned, seemed to kill all practicality of it. Yeah, that DeLorean is indeed mine. It's almost as expensive as my infant son lol "the other baby." I've had it since I was 24. Impossible to drive in the MO summer heat without a working air conditioner!
  11. Has anyone tried a USB 2.0 hub or even a 3.0 hub? I should grab one from work and experiment.
  12. Hey everyone, does our m14x still have the same standard 2.5" Sata drive that most other laptops do? I had heard that some of the drives have a 9mm height clearance and some have 12mm. I want to eventually exchange the 500GB standard that came with my Alienware for something bigger. I have a 7200RPM 640GB Seagate in my m11x, but I had nearly filled it. I could easily max out the 500GB drive. I saw a Seagate Constellation drive at 1TB/7200RPM, but it was a couple hundred dollars. I could get a standard 1TB/5200RPM drive, but how much performance would I lose on the tradeoff? Some of the users on various boards mention speed problems when using a 2nd drive on an optical caddy in place of the DVD-ROM. I have quite a lot of games, movies, as well as VST instruments and samples, so I love using the 7200 RPM drive. What do you guys suggest? Thanks in advance!
  13. I was reading about this on Notebook Review myself and so far (thankfully!) have not yet had any problems...I've kept my joypad and trackball on the 2.0/left side, and plugged in my Toshiba USB 3.0 drive on the right. The nice thing about that drive is it's backwards compatible either way, blue light for 3.0 speed and white for 2.0 ports. I've got some major Skyrim backups to port from my m11x to my m14x, so I hope mine works.
  14. Thank you @mw86, I am looking forward to it! I loathe importing all my files and savegames, but I suppose that's par for the course. If I can fix my m11x, it should be an easy transfer with USB 3.0, esp. for Steam backups.
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