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  1. Also Wolf of Wall Street is top notch. Highly recommend
  2. I agree, with Conker. It is very good game. I have finished it already and waiting for a next part
  3. What else can I do with my gtx770m? It is overclocked in MSI Afterburner to +120 clock and +640 memory and my PC is GT60-20C. What about voltage mod? Is it gonna give me additional OC potential? Thanks
  4. [h=2]Dallas Buyers Club - very good movie. I usualy dont watch drama but this one is really good.[/h]
  5. Hi all Im swiezyy from uk, just found this forum while im searchingunlocked bios for gt60 20c but need 5 posts to download it ;P:P
  6. Hi guys, Is it possible to unlock GT60 2OC - E16F4IMS.70K bios and slightly speed up the fan? I mean to make it working more eficient when PC is under heavy load but quiet when it isn't. At the moment i am using Soft-button turbo fan feature which has fixed high RPM but it is loud.If that is not possible, please just unlock bios if you can. Thanks in advance
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