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  1. Hi there It's a long time ago since my last visit here... A lot of changes, but can you tell me where the marketplace is? Is it gone?
  2. Hi Helium, its a pleasure to help I think it's a problem with the boot up! Like J95 said you have to look up your configuration concerning gpt... Maybe it would be a help to formate and reinstall everything! That's exactly what I did... I deleted all hard disks and partitions and reinstalled windows and all driver on my ssd... You have to use UEFI Boot up!!! Otherwise you'll hear those disturbing beeps
  3. Dont know where the problem is...? It was that way and I dont know why... Take a 970M in a AW17 and check it yourself -.- I'm using the 2pipe heatsink and never hit over 65° (with Overclocking) 970M runs pretty cool
  4. Yes but it was that way.. I think it was because I changed from optimus to dedicated mode!
  5. No, the beep on startup is also gone and everything is working fine! 970M scores 10.000 points in 3DMark11 and boost clock also works Battlefield 4 works very smooth and there are no issues left If there is someone who has similar problems just contact me
  6. Found the solution... It was not directly an Bios issue so it was hard to find, but the reason was that the preinstalled windows coexisted with my windows on ssd. So the UEFI used the boot manager from hdd to start windows from ssd. I deleted all drives completly (all partitions deleted!!!) and put ssd on first sata place. After that I reinstalled windows from dvd to SSD and changed bios setting to UEFI Boot (like it was before). Now the boot manager is on ssd Next step was starting reinstalling all drivers and other programs... Then turned off driver signing and secure boot... Installed newest modded nvidia driver... restart... same issues again... BUT now I could turn off Optimus with FN+F5 and start only with dedicated GPU (didnt work before ---> 8 beeps). The 970m was in device manager as microsoft device listed and I installed driver again... Restart... and now it seems to be working perfectly! Device is recognized as 970m in device manager and no issues since then!
  7. My Bios Version is A14... It came with this setting... It's an 60Hz 1600x900 Display... I'm not using the Windows which was preinstalled and the hdd (500gb plus 8gb ssd)... Installed a new one on the ssd but the old one on the hdd is still existing there... Just made a new boot priority... But in Bios is UEFI Boot chosen... How can I find the vbios version of my 970M? GPU Z isnt working... Got the 970M through 3DMark11 again... Here the scores: http://www.3dmark.com/3dm11/9258723 BIOS Version of the 970M: Maybe if its important.. after pressing power button there is quiet beep to here and then its like the machine is starting again.. after that it is booting normally but with 860M I didnt make this sound and went up faster!
  8. Hey Guys, I bought a new GTX 970M and installed the device in my Alienware 17 without any problems... Problems came after installing the modded driver! But first my Config: Alienware 17 i7 4710mq GTX 860M 8 GB DDR3-1600 120GB Intel 530 500 GB HDD 240 Watt PSU Windows 8.1 Acutally the 860M is installed, because of the huge issues with the 970M. My seller assured that the device isnt faulty and its all an driver and adjustment issue, but Im not really sure because I tested almost everything... Had different driver which made no difference, reinstalled windows completly and also tried it with win 7... But nothing worked! I got the 970M successfully through 3D Mark 11 with something about 10.000 Points... But GPU-Z, HwInfo and Nvidia system control doesnt work and let freeze the whole system so I have to press power button and restart... (games like BF4 wont work too :/) Windows 8.1 is very instable with the 970M and also 3DMark11 bench doesnt work everytime... So guys now its up to you... Hope you have some advise for me, because I'm really disappointed :/
  9. That's very annoying, but I work with a T440p and have no problems.. We got this notebooks as upgrade from T410. But I liked the touchpad of the T410 much more! The Touchpad of the T440 notebooks is really bad in my opinion...
  10. Also have the gelid extreme on my 970m now! Really enjoy it, temps are nice Idle between 31 and 37 degrees
  11. I dont like Call of Duty But maybe it is because I'm a huge fan of Battlefield But seriously I dont like the gameplay of CoD and Advance Warfare really sucks because of this jet pack you have..
  12. The price for DDR4 Ram is amazingly high.. maybe the price of DDR3 goes down when all upgrade to DDR4 Systems...
  13. I always used a frame limiter with my sli system because I had the feeling micro stuttering is not that big then
  14. Yes, it could be caused by overclocking.. Maybe you have to set the voltage higher.. But dont do this without any experience!
  15. I would take the GTX 970... This card has a pretty nice performance in games and isn't that expensive as 980. Not to forget you can overclock it quiet well
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