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  1. my pc is m14x so I flash the bios about M14x R2 A13 Unlocked Bios and replace the vbios with this a11 bios now this is my nvidia Inspector I want to up the temperature to 91C , but the vbios is not the way to get and the gpu-z is show I you help me
  2. Nice! you are at the top of the ranking now for 3DMark 11, good job
  3. Is there a guide to disabling the Internal graphics card and only using the 650m? Thanks for unlocking the BIOS.
  4. hello, i'm a abc in the web so ,i can't download the file, please can you give me a copy to my email 285609726@qq.com
  5. now i want to play the overwatch use my m14x r2, but the gpu is so old,so i want to flash a special vbios to up the rate
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