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  1. So I have come to realize that I do not have Gen2 5 gbps only Gen1 2.5gbs PE4H 2.4. Get the newer faster Gen PE4L 2.1b Gen2 units not the one I have. Also, anyone ever plug more then one laptop into a Gen1 PE4H? I wonder what would happen...
  2. eGPU setup 1.2 PE4H with E2C2 express card mini HDMI link cable The GTX has DVI HDMI and display port, I'm using 1 DVI, 1 HDMI, and have the T901 as the third monitor for very futuristic desktop that has touch screen, cintiq like wacom pen screen, wacom pen tablet, 2 mice with the Wacom mouse that works on the tablet, so I can leave one over on the drafting table for the 50" TV used as layout full size preview screen. I put allot of 11x17 landscape prints up for design presentations so its really nice to view them full size before wasting paper (forests of it ). The T901 screen is used for browsing research and as a media player. The main display is the 'current application' display. you get the idea. I have tried screens stacked vertically, side to side, all kinds of ways, but it seems their is usually one that is the focus and the others are only really useful when the data input demands more room to see pages and files and such to contrubute to whats being done the primary display. Gaming I actually prefer about a 22" to 24" and no bigger. Tracking the eye across to big a screen waists time that in online games usually means a re-spawn back to the setup, what I like is that the laptop goes to school and work and coffee, I do something, and its just their on my desktop at home, because I don't have to use 2 computers to do GPU intensive stuff now. The t901 is a great digital sketch tablet and general work system, it just lacks a worthy gpu to be awesome. I love it, yet Fujitsu was seemingly on crack designing allot of its features. The spin dial right where your hand wrests when typing or using the touch pad, so awesome if your into randomly scrolling up or down the page by mistake. But dont try to make that dial adjust the volume! Oh no, that would be insane... to make the cool spinny control actually useful AND cool... then again, the speakers are like mice farting so you could spin all day and not hear a damn thing... but still, I LOVE THIS LITTLE THING!
  3. Not me on Reddit, some other guy. Temps running Unigine Heaven benchmark were 65c on the nvs4200m and 75c on the gtx 760. CPU temp unknown, suppose I need a temp monitor now that I'm pushing my tablet into the red zone.
  4. THANK YOU TECH INFERNO!!! AND ALL WHO CONTRIBUTE TO THE FORUMS!!! Here is my new setup, totally replacing my desktop yet instantly mobile! I am an industrial deign student, about to graduate. This arrangement of displays is improving productivity, I am loving it! Here is the eGPU... More to come, thanks again everyone! KenInSF P.S. the laptop is resting on a 2.5mm layer of padding, it seems happy with the hot air exhaust pointing up. There are no ports on the side facing down, just the extra battery in the CD drive bay. P.P.S. About the system T901: i7-2620m 16gb ram NVS4200m 500gb 7200rpm will be upgraded to an SSD... some day eGPU: Zotac gtx 760 Antec 400w PSU... The PSU was formerly used for 3 water cooling loops in my old desktop overclocking rig (e8600@4.5ghz 24/7 for like 4 years, crossfired volt modded ati4850's, CPU-GPU's-RAM all water cooled, industrial AC and dehumidifier for benching ). Huge dedicated edifice on the desk is so 90's though... anyone want to buy a desktop pre rigged for water cooling? Kidding, as it really would be the entire desktop. The pumps and radiators are all mounted to the underside and tubing runs right into the base of the case through the desk. Everything is very custom... or full of oddly placed holes, depending on how much of a geek you are.
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